Tabitha Carvan


Career story

The outback GP from ANU

The first thing you notice about Dr Sam Gubicak is he’s on a horse.


ANU Science On Location: Siding Spring Observatory

It takes a couple of minutes to get from Mars to Earth. Assuming you stick to the speed limit.


ANU Science On Location: Mountain Ash forests

In the ANU Fenner School, where economists work alongside ecologists, and hydrologists alongside historians, researchers transform fieldwork into policy.


ANU Science On Location: Warramunga Station

Read about the Warramunga Seismic and Infrasound Research Station of the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences.

Academic profile

A study of the human heart

Walking along the shelves, Professor Jane Dahlstrom indicates a spleen, preserved in fluid and encased in perspex, and says, “Yes, I remember that patient.”

Career story

Cracking the code of success: How a physics PhD can boost your business career

Dr Ramin Rafiei has some advice for anyone questioning the value of a PhD outside of academia: "Be a nerd!"

Academic profile

When neurons go wrong

Dr Nathalie Dehorter is finding ways to fix neuronal impairment, a common problem in development disorders like Parkinson's Disease and autism.

Career story

How to turn a bad day at the office into a life-changing doctorate

Almost everyone, at some point in their career, suffers from workplace stress. Chris decided to make a change, not just to his working life, but to yours too.

Student profile

One grad's bumpy ride to a PhD

Natalie Rimlinger has been having nightmares about Brian Schmidt.

Research story

Looking good, baby

Among the beeping machines of the neonatal intensive care unit, there’s a simple piece of technology that has changed the lives of thousands of families.