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Studying science at ANU is a lifetime experience. Find out why directly from our students.

Two smiling men wearing business attire

Career story

Double trouble: how two friends stuck together to score their dream jobs

Good friends Rahul Ravindranathan and Aniruddha Deshpande didn’t know one another until they found themselves on the same journey from India to Canberra to study a Master of Energy Change at ANU.

Student profile

Biochemist Sacha Pulsford is opening up nature’s toolbox to tackle Earth-sized problems

Meet the PhD researcher exploring how bacterial proteins could hold the key to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

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Ask a student: What’s it like to complete a science internship?

Tanya Javaid is an international student from Pakistan studying a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours) at ANU. We asked Tanya to tell us about her recent experience of completing an internship at CSIRO as part of her degree.

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Winding path leads to the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Victoria Zinnecker could never have predicted her career path: from fire-retardant curtains to a development project on the Ford Mustang. Now, that's morphed into a project to clean the Sydney Harbour Bridge with lasers.

Ebe Ganon stands outside, looking at the camera with a slight smile. She wears glasses, has short red-brown hair and a funky-looking shirt.

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Ebe gets her moment on the stage after long wait

Ebe Ganon - a queer, disabled student who completed her arts and science degrees in 2020 whilst managing illness challenges and full-time work - finally had her walk-across-stage experience following a long wait due to the pandemic.

Hana Camelia, a student, a smiling, with trees in the background

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How COVID shaped Hana’s uni experience: "It was my chance to see who I can be"

“It was very stressful,” Hana says. “I was worried about so many things. It was the very first time I lived all alone, and it was a totally different country."

Jonah Lafferty

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What are you doing? You might not even know what your dream job is yet

“It’s funny,” recent graduate Jonah Lafferty says, “but often the things you do just to give them a go, they end up being the things that interest you the most.”

Parrot with a grey body and red head

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Get to know the gang-gang cockatoo

They are the faunal emblem of the Australian Capital Territory, but enthusiasm for the gang-gang cockatoo stretches far beyond the Canberra bubble.