Group of ANU students during a field trip to Vietnam

Global learning

Field trips

You can develop practical research skills on-site at our field trips in Australia and around the world. Browse field trips.

Exchange program

Take your studies global by spending one or two semesters on exchange and having it count towards your ANU degree. We have over 170 partner universities in 35 countries, so while going on exchange might be a no-brainer, choosing where to go will be more difficult. For information specific to going on exchange through our colleges please refer to the policy or book an appointment to meet with a Sub-Dean.

Overseas study during semester breaks

If you are wishing to study independently organised courses overseas during the ANU semester break and have credit count towards your ANU degree please refer to the college policy. You will also need to register your travel plans with global programs. If you are wishing to study courses in the semester break that are organised through Global Programs please refer to PRIMO courses.

IARU Courses

As the only Australian member of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), ANU offers you the opportunity to study at some of the other most prestigious unis in the world. Learn about sustainability at Oxford, the Challenges of global food production at Yale, or health ageing at the University of Copenhagen.

Travel grants and scholarships

Adventures don’t come cheap, so who wouldn’t love a few thousand dollars in their pocket when they board the plane? ANU offers various travel grants and scholarships for students at international institutions and international conferences. Eligible students can also apply for OS-HELP.