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PhD candidate Rosie Georgelin | Photo: ANU Advancement
18 Jun 2024

When athletic clothing retailer Lululemon recently unveiled its first jacket made from recycled polyester, The Australian National University (ANU) Industry PhD student Rosie Georgelin felt a sense of pride and excitement.

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Christer de Silva
22 Jan 2024

Christer de Silva is studying a PhD at the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. As part of his PhD, he has been working as a research assistant at the Responsible Innovation Lab.

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Heidi Parkes
Heidi Parkes | 20 Nov 2023

Heidi Parkes completed a Master of Science Communication. During her studies she participated in a pilot mentor program for her master’s research course.

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Isha Singhal
20 Nov 2023

When I enrolled in my science degree at ANU, I was sure I wanted to focus just on chemistry. Then, when it came time to choose my courses, I scrolled through my options and saw there was so much more to science than I ever realised.

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iGEM jamboree
Jack Dalton | 14 Nov 2023

ANU Students attended the 20th iGEM Grand Jamboree in Paris and entered a team into the iGEM global synthetic biology competition to present their research and hear from leaders in the field.

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A man in a brightly coloured shirt sitting on a couch
26 Jun 2023

"I really wasn’t sure how my identity or my acceptance of myself would change when I moved to Canberra," says Isaac. "But the more time I spent listening to queer stories, the more I have felt comfortable in my own skin."

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Two graduands in front of a building
19 Dec 2022

Himani came to ANU from India to pursue a PhD with the Mathematical Sciences Institute, focusing on operator theory.

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A man stand in front of a reflective building
15 Dec 2022

Graduating with a Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced), Hangyu Meng came to ANU to pursue his curiosity about how the world works and to develop his research skills with the hope of continuing his studies with a PhD.

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A woman standing in front of a creek and some buildings
13 Dec 2022

Solene Chretien is studying a Bachelor of Environment & Sustainability / Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics. As part of her studies, she completed an internship with Stop Food Waste Australia. 

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