Students in lab

Summer Research Scholarship program

Financial support

weekly stipend of A$150
meals and travel allowance (up to A$1000)
free on campus accommodation

Hand-on research

experience hands-on research under the supervision of ANU world-class researchers


9 weeks, 20 November 2023 - 19 January 2024 (breaking during the Christmas/New Year period)

About the program

The ANU Summer Research Scholarship program allow eligible students to contribute to ongoing research projects or conduct their own independent investigations. This hands-on experience helps them develop problem-solving abilities, improve their analytical thinking, and deepen their understanding of the research process.

It also provides networking opportunities. Students may collaborate with fellow scholars, attend seminars and conferences, and interact with experts in their field. These connections can prove invaluable for future academic or professional endeavours.

If you are an undergraduate student thinking about pursuing honours or graduate research (PhD, MPhil or Master's by Research) in the future, this program is for you.


Weekly stipend of A$150
Travel and meals allowance (up to A$1,000)
Free on campus accommodation
Access to world-class researchers and facilities
Networking opportunities

What our scholars say

Mallika Sinha, ANU Summer Research Scholar

Summer Research Scholarships are great. There are so many different things to research. It’s a great way to try things out and see what type of research works best for you.

Mallika Sinha, ANU Summer Research Scholar

Discover how Mallika’s summer research scholarship took her on a mathematical voyage through our universe.

Projects & supervisors

Click on the links below to explore the wide range of research projects offered by the ANU College of Science Research Schools:

How to apply

Applications close on 31 August 2023, 11:59pm AEST. Late applications will not be considered.

Step 1: check requirements

To be eligible for the ANU Summer Research Scholars Program, you must be in your third or final year of your undergraduate degree or Honours year, and be currently enrolled at an Australian or New Zealand university. If you're an outstanding second-year student intending to complete an honours degree, you may also be considered.

ANU provides equity-based adjustments for Indigenous students or for other reasons aligned to the Education Access Scheme (Equity) Adjustment Schedule. The ANU College of Science will offer fully funded positions to successful applicants.

Step 2: find a project and obtain supervisor approval

In order to apply for the ANU Summer Research Scholarship program you'll need to find a project and obtain a supervisor approval.

Find a project

You can use the links in the "Projects & supervisors" section above to browse available research projects. 

Obtain supervisor approval

Once you have identified a project, you should discuss your suitability with the supervisor and get their approval. If you have any questions on how to contact a supervisor, please read our Finding a supervisor FAQs.

Please note that while supervisor approval is required, it does not guarantee your application will be successful.

Step 3: apply online

Submit your application online »

Step 4: application outcome

If your application is successful, you'll receive an offer on 15 September 2023. You will be required to accept your offer by 1 October 2023 , 11:59pm AEST.


For more information on the Summer Research Scholarship program please contact