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19 Feb 2021

Fighting future fires

Associate Professor Marta Yebra is using data models to better predict future bushfire behaviour.

Woman in natural bush setting, she is looking up at a wattle tree and has a mattock under her elbow. Her shirt reads Park Care and she is also wearing a rain coat.

5 Feb 2021

Moved by mountains: Research celebrates Canberrans’ love of nearby nature

If you’ve walked up Mount Taylor any time in the last few years, you might have seen Dr Kathy Eyles. She’s the one holding the mattock and taking notes.

Woman holding a diagram

24 Nov 2020

It’s not like having your appendix out: why communication matters for women having a hysterectomy

"I'm going to listen to the gynaecologists, I'm going to listen to the hysterectomy patients."

Bronwyn Wilkes holding a basket of fruit and vegetables

21 Sep 2020

If receiving your fruit and veg box makes you feel weirdly happy, you’re not alone

Beyond the convenience of skipping supermarket queues, it seems the humble fruit and veggie box can make some people feel, well, happier.

7 Aug 2020

These koalas escaped disaster. Now they are getting a second chance.

A group of ANU researchers are helping rehabilitate koalas after the 2020 bushfires.

3 Aug 2020

ANU Science on Location: Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a wild and windswept land mass on the east coast of Tasmania. It's one of the few places left where the swift parrot can raise its young.

Lead author Dr Siva Karuturi

20 Jul 2020

ANU researchers set new solar-to-hydrogen efficiency record

Researchers at The Australian National University have achieved a new efficiency record for hydrogen cells that can convert water into hydrogen.

Kate at walking along a storm water drain in Canberra.

1 Jul 2020

This story will change how you feel about drains

“Imagine how different it could be?” Kate asks. “Even if you didn’t get rid of the concrete, if you could just get the channel looking attractive!”