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Group of eastern grey kangaroos surrounded by grass

Kangaroo personality is a thing: here’s how to study it

How do wild kangaroos react to remote-controlled cars or instrumental music - and what does it mean?

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Group of eastern grey kangaroos surrounded by grass

How do wild kangaroos react to remote-controlled cars or instrumental music - and what does it mean?


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Regent honeyeater, a black and yellow bird, on a branch

Analysis and opinion | 13 Jan 2022

Regent honeyeaters were once kings of flowering gums. Now they're on the edge of extinction. What happened?

Less than 80 years ago, regent honeyeaters ruled Australia’s flowering gum forests, with huge raucous flocks roaming from Adelaide to Rockhampton. Now, there are less than 300 birds left in the wild.

nesting regent honeyeater

Media release | 13 Jan 2022

What will it take to save the regent honeyeater?

Unless conservation actions are urgently stepped up, one of our most beautiful songbirds, the regent honeyeater, will be extinct within 20 years.

Media release | 10 Jan 2022

ANU pays tribute to science pioneer and educator Mike Gore

The Australian National University (ANU) and the wider science community is mourning the loss of passionate science educator and visionary, Questacon founder and ANU physics lecturer Professor Michael Gore AO.

Astronaut driving a vehicle on the Moon

Research story | 10 Jan 2022

Australia set to blast off on its first moon mission

Australia’s unique geography and world-leading expertise in robotics technology in harsh and remote climates make it an ideal candidate to put a rover on the moon.

someone folding clothing

Analysis and opinion | 4 Jan 2022

Moths eating your clothes? It's actually their hungry little caterpillars: here's how to get rid of them

Have you opened your post-lockdown wardrobe, only to discover some of your beautiful summer clothes have holes in them? You’re probably blaming clothes moths but the real culprits are the larvae (caterpillars).

A smiling woman holding a black and white dog and a stuffed toy owl and

Research story | 21 Dec 2021

The legend of Zorro and the masked owls

From tracking down hard-to-find owls to protecting bats, there’s nothing Zorro the detection dog can’t do. 

Jonah Lafferty

Student profile | 20 Dec 2021

What are you doing? You might not even know what your dream job is yet

“It’s funny,” recent graduate Jonah Lafferty says, “but often the things you do just to give them a go, they end up being the things that interest you the most.”

A triptych of images shows a woman photographed in black and white, her facial expressions different in each image. She is wearing glasses and looks both serious and sad.

Analysis and opinion | 20 Dec 2021

Climate anxiety is real. Why talking about it matters

Researchers have found that scientists are experiencing diverse, complex, and often contrasting emotions about the fate of the planet.

An older person stands next to a tree, talking to some children

Media release | 17 Dec 2021

1,500 endangered languages at high risk

A world-first study warns 1,500 endangered languages could no longer be spoken by the end of this century.

Media release | 17 Dec 2021

Stunning close-up reveals secrets of Milky Way's neighbour

A stunning image captured by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) and Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, shows one of the Milky Way's closest neighbours in new detail.

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