We hope you enjoy the beautiful photos, and look forward to sharing the 2024 ANU College of Science, and ANU College of Health and Medicine calendar in December.

Please contact us at science.alumni@anu.edu.au if you would like a copy of the calendar once it’s complete.

Thanks again to all ANU alumni, students and staff who contributed to this years’ competition.

Flora & Fauna

Duncan Snedden
Caption: Mosaic Moray, Ulladulla NSW
Picture ID: 9005
Ivan Toftul
Caption: King of the hill — Galah Renaissance
Picture ID: 10074

The sky above

Lucy Yunxi Hu
Caption: This image has a title of <The Milky Way Over Bredbo>. It was taken from Bredbo, NSW.
Picture ID: 9044
Yiran Mao
Caption: Took this on Mt. Stromlo, another campus of ANU.
Picture ID: 9443

Your environment

Lachlan Kaye
Caption: Exploring the ice caves of Iceland.
Picture ID: 9117
Lance Black
Caption: Fire, Wind, and Water ; sunset reflections on Lake Burley Griffin
Picture ID: 9489

Our campus and ANU Community

Radhwan Al-Zidan
Caption: JCSMR: A beacon of hope for a healthier future.
Picture ID: 9441
Sharyn Wragg
Caption: I'm glad to work at ANU, where echidnas occasionally trundle through. ANU Acton campus, near Sullivan's Creek Road.
Picture ID: 10010

Health, wellbeing and Community Impact

Sabina Aitken
Caption: Breathing in the fresh air - spending time in nature is the perfect way to unwind and relax
Picture ID: 9655
Shashwat Kaushal
Caption: Circadian Rhythm: Lifestyle changes are adversely affecting the human circadian rhythm and hence, health. Awareness of the consequences is necessary before it is too late.
Picture ID: 10087

In the lab or down the scope

Kial Stewart
Caption: Glowing vortices in the Large Rotating Annulus
Picture ID: 9736
Chathura Bandutunga
Caption: Building bespoke fibre optic sensors requires fusing glass fibres together, removing all physical connectors in the process. All the off-cut connectors from one year of building fibre optic gyroscopes make for a useful teaching tool and neat lab decor.
Picture ID: 10069