Tabitha Carvan


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Breaking the silence: when doctors abuse doctors

Dr Louise Stone from the ANU Medical School is telling a story that is so hard to tell, and so hard to hear, that it was almost never told at all.

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Why can't we all just get along?

When you’re at your local multicultural festival, wandering from the falafel stand to the noodle stall, are you undergoing a shift in your fundamental mindset?

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Child's play changing lives

It's hard to imagine that anyone could have difficulty reading the emotions behind these dolls' faces.

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The doctor you won't forget

When patients meet Professor Mitchell, it's “probably at one of the worst times in their lives.”

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The roughness of the real world

For Dr Pierre Portal, the tools of his trade are “a pen, paper and a whiteboard” combined with “a lot of staring out the window.”

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Star light, star bright

“I create artificial stars with lasers.”

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Telling the history of rock

Professor Gordon Lister is a tectonicist and structural geologist. In other words, a rock-whisperer.

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The nuclear option

Tony Irwin is your go-to guy for nuclear reactors and the nuclear fuel cycle.

Career story

Meet Lucy and Deborah. They’re scientists. And penguins

A penguin in a tutu, a boatload of scientists, and a doctor from the ANU Medical School are fighting climate change.

Career story

Is This How You Feel?

Joe Duggan didn’t just study a Master of Science Communication Outreach, it’s like he actually is the master.