Sreenath Didugu standing on a street with a box full of science activities

Science engagement and outreach

Science Lab: Experiments for home & school

Make your own rainbow, power a light with lemons, or build a wind turbine. Discover fun science experiments you can do at home or at school. 

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STEM Challenges

Take photos, answer questions or build/design something to complete weekly STEM challenges set by The Australian National University.

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A woman and man are both wearing lab coats and standing in front of scientific equipment

The Science internship program gives your organisation access to work with our most talented students.

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Young people and teacher doing science activities in a classroom

We run school outreach programs across a broad range of scientific areas for Years 1-12.

Contact us to book an entertaining and educational presentation for your students.

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Woman looking at science experiment with red and blue liquid.

We run community programs to raise awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) study and career options. We are committed to providing opportunities for people of all ages to engage with science. From boxes of science experiments to STEM challenges there is something for everyone.

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The College of Science has extensive international engagement in both research and education. Students come from all over the world to experience our research-led education; our own students have many overseas opportunities; and our research staff and students collaborate widely across the globe.

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A man in an ANU hoodie with a bunch of lemons and electrical equipment

Come inside the Science Lab and learn how to do your own experiments at home or in the classroom.

Try them yourself or download the Science at Home booklet for more fun experiments.

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meriSTEM lab

Science courses from the experts, delivered free for year 11 and 12 students.

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food security

The Science Case Study Competition is an opportunity for the brightest undergraduate students from universities across India to compete to solve a critical issue facing India.

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Honey bee drone

The Australian Bee Observation Network aims to collect pre-Varroa data on feral genetic diversity, follow the impact of Varroa in Australia and ultimately identify resistance mechanisms among surviving feral honey bee populations.

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