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5.30pm 26 September 2019

How we think: Cracking the brain's code

Professor Jason Mattingley discusses the ways psychologists are demystifying the mechanisms of the brain that generate our thoughts, feelings and actions.


6pm 2 October 2019

Black Holes and Wormholes: Concepts and Misconceptions

What are those exotic entities in the universe called black holes and wormholes?

Astronomy & astrophysicsPhysics

9.30am–12.30pm 13 October 2019

ANU Curious Kids – Indigenous Foods

What indigenous foods grow locally around Canberra? Why don’t we naturally eat indigenous foods as a part of our everyday meals? What plants can we use in cooking, medicine, and science?


5.30pm 24 October 2019

Death optional? Extending the human life span

Professor Graham Mann, The Australian National University.


5.30pm 14 November 2019

Extinction thwarted: Surviving global warming

Professor Sharon Friel, The Australian National University.

Susa Mama health clinic, Port Moresby General Hospital, PNG. Photo taken by Ness Kerton for AusAID.

5.30pm 28 November 2019

Healthcare for All: Managing the Upcoming Health Tsunami in Asia and the Pacific

Dr Patrick Osewe, Asian Development Bank.

Sydney Harbour, photo by Corey Leopold on flickr

5.30pm 12 December 2019

Advance Australia: Becoming the world's healthiest nation

Professor Russell Gruen, The Australian National University.