Tabitha Carvan


Research story

Gravitational waves detected. Again. Why should we care?

Scientists made headlines around the world earlier this year when they confirmed the existence of gravitational waves.

Academic profile

The roughness of the real world

For Dr Pierre Portal, the tools of his trade are “a pen, paper and a whiteboard” combined with “a lot of staring out the window.”

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Star light, star bright

“I create artificial stars with lasers.”

Academic profile

Telling the history of rock

Professor Gordon Lister is a tectonicist and structural geologist. In other words, a rock-whisperer.

Academic profile

The nuclear option

Tony Irwin is your go-to guy for nuclear reactors and the nuclear fuel cycle.

Career story

Is This How You Feel?

Joe Duggan didn’t just study a Master of Science Communication Outreach, it’s like he actually is the master.

Student profile

Some people are born teachers, but even they need a teaching degree

The Bachelor of Science gives you so many options, you can specialise in what you love.