Industry engagement is one of the best ways for a Higher Degree Research (HDR) student to test their capabilities as a researcher, and to obtain transferable and professional skills. Industry Partners benefit from hosting ANU students that possess exceptional critical thinking skills and the ability to interpret, apply and transmit complex knowledge in a specialised field.

There are a number of ways industry partners can benefit:

  • Builds connections between industry partner and supervisor / School.
  • Builds relevant skills and creates pipeline of potential employees / collaborators.
  • Informs applied research and research translation in relevant fields.

Higher Degree Research (HDR) students complete either a 4-year Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or 2-year Master of Philosophy (MPhil) program where they are required to complete a significant and independent body of research. 

Benefits for the students:

  • Working with industry partners enables students to be immersed in the work environment of their host.
  • Ensures growth of knowledge, communication, leadership and business skills as well as directly relevant research skills.

Candidates complete a discrete project related to their research field within an industry partners organisation.


Candidates apply their knowledge and skills to a problem relevant to the industry partner’s business.


At least 60 working days, but can be up to 6 months (Full time).


Industry Partner to host a candidate on-site, or remotely, providing supervision and guidance with no or little financial contribution (up to $10,000pa) towards an internship scholarship.

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Industry partner in collaboration with an ANU supervisor support a student to undertake a research project relevant to industry business whilst located predominantly at ANU.


Industry partner has the opportunity to provide advice and direction on the research and is a member of the students’ 'supervisory panel'.


Up to 4 years (PhD) and up to 2 years (MPhil) providing part-time supervision in collaboration with the ANU supervisor.


Attending a panel meeting at least once per year plus review of major milestones. No or little financial commitment (up to $20,000pa) towards a top-up scholarship.

Industry PhD / MPhil

Research projects are designed by the industry partner working with ANU to support and host a research student for the duration of their research program.


The opportunity for industry partners to provide advice and direction within their own organisation, with input from both ANU academic and industry experts.


For the duration of the research program which can be up to 4 years for PhD program and 2 years for MPhil program.


Hosting a student on-site throughout their research program with advice and guidance, plus a financial commitment that can vary from a full stipend ($36,652pa) to a top-up scholarship (up to $20,000pa).


Samsara Eco

Ellen Burtenshaw-Davies, Chief of Staff, Samsara Eco.

"We provide PhD scholarships to ANU students undertaking projects aligned to our strategic interests. This allows us to explore R&D opportunities that are not mission-critical, giving us and the students the ability to take risks and uncover new tech to keep our commercial pipeline healthy, and our talent pipeline too. Our company has grown significantly in the past 18 months, from 24 employees to over 50 today. Approximately 12 employees at Samsara Eco are graduates of ANU."