College structure & governance

Our research and education is delivered by two Colleges: ANU College of Health and Medicine (CHM) and ANU College of Science (COS), through research schools and centres.

Academic units

The Colleges group more than a dozen research schools and centres that are focused on specific areas of academic endeavour.



The Colleges are led by the Joint Colleges Executive Committee, as represented in the structure chart above. The Joint Colleges Executive Committee consist of:

  • Professor Russell Gruen, Dean of ANU College of Health and Medicine
  • Professor Kiaran Kirk, Dean of ANU College of Science
  • Associate Professor Anna Cowan, Deputy Dean (Education), Joint Colleges of Science
  • Ms Donelle Claudianos, Interim General Manager, Joint Colleges of Science


Each College is also governed by a College Executive Committee, consisting of the Joint Colleges Executive Committee members listed above and the Directors of the Schools/Centres within that College.