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College structure & governance


The College of Science (CoS) is led by the College Dean who has broad oversight of the academic activities conducted by, and between, the Schools comprising the College, and who chairs the College Executive Committee. The College's education programme is overseen by the Associate Dean (Education) who holds the delegation for all education-related matters within the College. Other Associate Deans oversee other aspects of the College's activities (see below).  The College General Manager has oversight of the administrative services provided by the College.

The College of Science has seven Associate Deans, each undertaking the Associate Dean role on a fractional basis and overseeing a particular aspect of the College's activities:

  • Associate Dean (Education)Assoc. Prof. Merryn McKinnon, who oversees, and holds formal delegation for, all education-related matters in the College, and who chairs the College of Science Education Committee.
  • Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning)Dr Juliey Beckman.
  • Associate Dean (Research)Prof. Adrienne Nicotra, who oversees College-level research initiatives, interfaces on behalf of the College with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) portfolio, and chairs the College of Science Research Committee.
  • Associate Dean (Engagement)Assoc. Prof. Francis Bennet, who oversees College-level initiatives to enhance engagement with industry and government.
  • Associate Dean (Higher Degree Research;  HDR)Assoc. Prof. Tony Travouillon, who oversees all matters relating to Higher Degree Research (PhD and MPhil) students based in the College, and who chairs the College of Science HDR Committee.
  • Associate Dean (International)Prof. Sasha Mikheyev, who oversees the College’s international strategy, including College-level partnerships with institutions overseas.
  • Associate Dean (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access;  IDEA)Assoc. Prof. Pierre Portal, who chairs the College I.D.E.A. Committee and oversees the College’s strategies to improve its profile in relation to each of these critical areas, including Reconciliation.


The College Dean is advised by the College Executive Committee with membership comprising: the College Dean (Chair); the Directors of the Schools in the College; the College's Associate Deans and the College General Manager.

There are a number of College-level committees that report to the College Executive Committee and which provide specialist advice and the delivery of strategic outcomes across the College. 

College Administration

The College of Science has multiple administration areas that provide professional services to the College. 

The Science Advancement Office manages relationships and builds support through our alumni, friends and our local, national and international communities.

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The College Business Development Managers support projects to benefit from industry or business collaborations and partnerships.

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The College Finance team provides a range of services and support to students and staff.

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The College Human Resources team provide comprehensive HR services to support the Schools and Centres within the College to achieve their goals.

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The International Relations and Partnerships team develops and manages strategic international partnerships and programs for the College and Research Schools, Centres, and Institutes.

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Marketing & Communications is a team of trained science communicators, student recruitment professionals, web specialists and event managers, all of whom provide strategic and operational advice and services for the College.

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The College of Science Research Office is passionate about enabling research excellence at the ANU.

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We provide a range of services, advice and support to staff and students.

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