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Intensive farming is eating up the Australian continent – but there's another way

It's painfully clear nature is buckling under the weight of farming's demands. There's another way – but it involves accepting nature's limits.

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10 Jul 2020

Our field cameras melted in the bushfires. When we opened them, the results were startling

After the bushfires, we went looking for endangered corroboree frogs. Normally, they respond to our calls. But at some sites, the ponds were silent.

Farmed field

8 Jul 2020

Intensive farming is eating up the Australian continent – but there's another way

How can we accommodate the needs of both farming and nature? Research shows us how, but it means accepting land is a finite resource.

7 Jul 2020

How COVID-19 undermines sustainability

Amid the dire consequences of COVID-19, some consider the pandemic to the best news the environment has received in a long time.

6 Jul 2020

Why outer space matters in a post-pandemic world

Australia's space industry is booming despite the impact of coronavirus.

9 Jun 2020

We dug up Australian weather records back to 1838 and found snow is falling less often

Snow was once a regular feature of the southern Australian climate, but it has become less common because of climate change.

9 Jun 2020

Love the parasite you're with - the entertaining life of unwelcome guests from flea circuses to Aliens

In fiction and popular culture, parasitic characters appear as a metaphor for the threat and spread of disease.

21 May 2020

After the bushfires, we helped choose the animals and plants in most need. Here’s how we did it

No other event in our lifetimes has brought such sudden, drastic loss to Australia’s biodiversity as the last bushfire season. Governments, researchers and conservationists have committed to the long road to recovery. But in those vast burnt landscapes, where do we start?

The parched Murray Darling

20 May 2020

It's official: expert review rejects NSW plan to let seawater flow into the Murray River

A major independent review has confirmed freshwater flows are vital to maintaining the health of the Murray River’s lower lakes.

Person in labcoat reading documents on screen

20 May 2020

Researchers use 'pre-prints' to share coronavirus results quickly. But that can backfire

What is a pre-print and how should we be using them?

14 May 2020

One cat, one year, 110 native animals: lock up your pet, it’s a killing machine

We know feral cats are an enormous problem for wildlife, but pet cats are wreaking havoc too.