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Bright circle on dark background

Why do black holes twinkle? We studied 5,000 star-eating behemoths to find out

To find out why black holes twinkle, researchers piggy-backed on NASA’s asteroid defence effort to watch more than 5,000 of the fastest-growing black holes in the sky for five years.

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Hands at computer with ChatGPT on screen
Tue, 31 Jan 2023

The issue of AI authorship is now clearly on the minds of commercial academic publishers. Many have asked whether ChatGPT could be considered an academic author.

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Dolphin tail up in front of fisher in a bay
Tue, 31 Jan 2023

Dolphins and net-casting fishers in Brazil catch more fish by working together, a new study by an international team of researchers has shown.

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Illustration of quantum entanglement
Wed, 18 Jan 2023

New research published in Nature Physics, outlines a way to achieve more accurate measurements of microscopic objects using quantum computers. This could prove useful in a huge range of next-generation technologies, including biomedical sensing, laser ranging and quantum communications.

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People's gumboots in a flood
Thu, 12 Jan 2023

Earth’s water cycle is clearly changing. Globally, the air is getting hotter and drier, which means droughts and risky fire conditions are developing faster and more frequently a new report on the global water cycle concludes.

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African elephant at a waterhole
Sat, 07 Jan 2023

The African savanna elephant is listed as endangered. If the situation doesn’t change, Africa – indeed, the world – may lose one of its most iconic animal species.

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Kale leaves
Tue, 03 Jan 2023

Pure mathematics often yields unanticipated applications, but without a time machine to look into the future, how do mathematicians like me choose what to study?

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Sunrise behind bushfire haze
Thu, 22 Dec 2022

The government must urgently develop a comprehensive, well-informed and fair plan to reduce the risks, by adapting to climate change.

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A person taking a pill
Tue, 13 Dec 2022

New research shows that the basic assumption in biomedicine that females are “smaller versions” of males is not supported for most pre-clinical traits.

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Mega Ampere Spherical Tokamak (MAST) in Oxfordshier, UK
Wed, 07 Dec 2022

Our society faces the grand challenge of providing sustainable, secure and affordable means of generating energy, while trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to net zero around 2050. Fusion power is one part of the solution that is getting more attention.

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