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Satellite photograph of eastern Australia with plumes of smoke visible. Image: NASA

Scientists hate to say 'I told you so'. But Australia, you were warned

Australian scientists warned the country could face a climate change-driven bushfire crisis by 2020. It arrived on schedule.

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21 Jan 2020

Conservation scientists are grieving after the bushfires - but we must not give up

"So many of us are wondering: have lives spent furthering conservation been wasted?"

20 Jan 2020

Bushfires left millions of animals dead. We should use them, not just bury them

Carcasses can play a positive role as landscapes recover from fire, providing rich nutrients for other native animal, microbial and plant species.

14 Jan 2020

Some say we've seen bushfires worse than this before. But they're ignoring a few key facts

Australia has a long history of bushfires. But several factors make eastern Australia’s recent crisis different to infamous bushfires in the past.

14 Jan 2020

Car accidents, drownings, violence: hotter temperatures will mean more deaths from injury

In research published today in Nature Medicine, researchers in the United States looked at the impact warmer temperatures will have on deaths from injury.

13 Jan 2020

A season in hell: bushfires push at least 20 threatened species closer to extinction

We estimate most of the range and population of between 20 and 100 threatened species will have been burnt.

8 Jan 2020

Hot and bothered: heat affects all of us, but older people face the highest health risks

Heat is the natural hazard associated with the highest mortality in Australia. When heatwaves occur, the death toll routinely reaches into the hundreds.

24 Dec 2019

Your first point of contact and your partner in recovery: the GP's role in mental health care

GPs see 88% of the Australian population every year, putting us in a unique position in the health system to work with people with mental health concerns.

24 Dec 2019

How a rethink of emergency care is closing the gap, one person at a time

Emergency departments can be structured in innovative ways to make a much bigger difference.

11 Dec 2019

The X17 factor: a particle new to physics might solve the dark matter mystery

The so-called X17 particle could help to explain dark matter.

9 Dec 2019

China's failed gene-edited baby experiment proves we're not ready for human embryo modification

A Chinese biophysicist’s attempt to use CRISPR technology to modify human embryos has triggered a series of concerns.