A school of stingrays

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The sky above

Caption: This image has a title of <The Milky Way Over Bredbo>. It was taken from Bredbo, NSW.
Picture ID: 9044
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Caption: Took this on Mt. Stromlo, another campus of ANU.
Picture ID: 9443
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Your environment

Caption: Exploring the ice caves of Iceland.
Picture ID: 9117
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Caption: Fire, Wind, and Water ; sunset reflections on Lake Burley Griffin
Picture ID: 9489
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In the lab or down the scope

Caption: Glowing vortices in the Large Rotating Annulus
Picture ID: 9736
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Caption: Building bespoke fibre optic sensors requires fusing glass fibres together, removing all physical connectors in the process. All the off-cut connectors from one year of building fibre optic gyroscopes make for a useful teaching tool and neat lab decor.
Picture ID: 10069
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Health, wellbeing and Community Impact

Caption: Breathing in the fresh air - spending time in nature is the perfect way to unwind and relax
Picture ID: 9655
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Caption: Circadian Rhythm: Lifestyle changes are adversely affecting the human circadian rhythm and hence, health. Awareness of the consequences is necessary before it is too late.
Picture ID: 10087
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Flora & Fauna

Caption: Mosaic Moray, Ulladulla NSW
Picture ID: 9005
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Caption: King of the hill — Galah Renaissance
Picture ID: 10074
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Our campus and ANU Community

Caption: JCSMR: A beacon of hope for a healthier future.
Picture ID: 9441
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Caption: I'm glad to work at ANU, where echidnas occasionally trundle through. ANU Acton campus, near Sullivan's Creek Road.
Picture ID: 10010
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