Tabitha Carvan


Research story

The truth about truthiness

“The really cool thing about this is … ,” she begins, before stopping herself mid-sentence. “No, wait. I should say, it’s the really disturbing thing.”

Academic profile

Surgeon makes the cut as new Dean

Meet the new Dean of the ANU College of Health and Medicine: Professor Russell Gruen.

Career story

Can this man convince you to completely change what you want to do with your life?

If you were capable of doing a job which could help more people than any other job in the world, why wouldn’t you do it?

Career story

Oh forestry, oh forestry: An un-fir-gettable ANU love story

Meet the Fenner School alumni who are now running Tasmania's first Christmas tree farm.

Research story

Meet the psychologist curing migraines with therapy

If you're suffering from migraine, should you see a doctor about it – or a psychologist?

Impact story (giving)

Bachor Undergraduate Science Scholarship opens opportunities

When Hans-Albert and Connie Bachor arrived in Australia from Germany in 1981, they found themselves in unfamiliar territory.

Research story

The need for weed

Ningaloo Reef might be famous for its whale sharks and stunning seascape but for ANU researchers, the real star of the show is seaweed.

Research story

Doctors using children as interpreters for their parents is “child abuse”

Research from the ANU Medical School has found doctors are using children in refugee families as interpreters for their parents.


Meet the women putting their boobs on the line for med students

The women move to separate rooms where they take off their clothes, put on a hospital gown, and lie there, topless, as hundreds of hands touch their breasts.

Academic profile

Taking a seat at the topological table

In the Jane Austen-themed board game Dr Katharine Turner has designed, the aim is to fill your dinner party table.