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How do wild kangaroos react to remote-controlled cars or instrumental music - and what does it mean?

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Regent honeyeater, a black and yellow bird, on a branch

13 Jan 2022

Regent honeyeaters were once kings of flowering gums. Now they're on the edge of extinction. What happened?

Less than 80 years ago, regent honeyeaters ruled Australia’s flowering gum forests, with huge raucous flocks roaming from Adelaide to Rockhampton. Now, there are less than 300 birds left in the wild.

nesting regent honeyeater

13 Jan 2022

What will it take to save the regent honeyeater?

Unless conservation actions are urgently stepped up, one of our most beautiful songbirds, the regent honeyeater, will be extinct within 20 years.

6pm 1 February 2022

Book launch: Rebalancing our Climate - The Future Starts Today

We can still avert the doomsday scenario and choose more sustainable behaviour. Decisive action can still make a significant difference to our environment.

Environment & Sustainability
A road covered by floodwater with a sign saying 'road closed by flood'

3pm 9 February 2022

ANU Climate Update 2022

This annual event brings together experts, policymakers, students, industry and the community to discuss the state of our climate.

Earth & Marine SciencesEnvironment & Sustainability