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A short course offers the fastest and most flexible path to obtaining a recognised postgraduate qualification. All ANU Science short courses are eligible for Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs).

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As a kid, Dr Lara Malins loved playing with Lego. Now she is using those same skills to build new drug leads in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Research projects

This repository shows a sample of science, health and medicine research at ANU. Visit our research school websites for more detail.

11 Jun 2021

Matt Canavan suggested the cold snap means global warming isn’t real. We bust this and 2 other climate myths

One cold winter doesn't negate more than a century of global warming. We need the political leadership to set the world on a safer path. Ill-informed tweets by government senators won't help.

Artist interpretation of laser light sail. Image shows space with lasers from Earth casting a large sail.

8 Jun 2021

Scientists lead ambitious study to reach infinity and beyond

Scientists from ANU have designed a new type of space-craft propulsion system as part of an ambitious international project that aims to explore the worlds surrounding our second nearest star, Alpha Centauri.

Wave propogation

4.30pm 16 June 2021

Wave propagation - a mathematical perspective

The propagation of waves in space, such as that of electromagnetic waves in telecommunication, is instrumental to many aspects of science and engineering. Various physical phenomena, such as...

Master of Science in Mathematical SciencesPhysicsEngineeringMathematics

4.30pm 17 June 2021

Semiconductor nanostructures for optoelectronics applications

Semiconductors have played an important role in the development of information and communications technology, solar cells, solid state lighting.  Nanowires are considered as building blocks for the...

Master of Science in Precision Instrumentation & MeasurementMaster of Science in Quantum TechnologyPhysicsEngineeringAstronomy & Astrophysics