Can birds mean to be mean?

We're looking at you, cuckoos.

Find out why cuckoos choose violence


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Since it’s Bad Bird Season, we ask cuckoo apologist - sorry, cuckoo expert - Professor Naomi Langmore to explain how it could possibly be that the cuckoo doesn’t mean to be mean, when it sure looks like it does.

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21 Sep 2021

Start-up to tackle plastic crisis with "infinite recycling"

A new Australian enviro-tech start-up backed by ANU will "infinitely" recycle plastic to help solve the global plastic pollution crisis.

A bird on a tree branch

17 Sep 2021

Destroying vegetation along fences and roads could worsen our extinction crisis, yet the NSW government just allowed it

Many native species can all be found in vegetation along fences and roadsides outside formal conservation areas. And yet, the NSW government last week made it legal for rural landholders to clear vegetation on their properties, up to 25 metres from their property boundaries, without approval.

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