It’s not like having your appendix out

Why doctor-patient communication matters for women having a hysterectomy

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"I'm going to listen to the gynaecologists, I'm going to listen to the hysterectomy patients."

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Xingshuo Huang holds a diamond anvil  used to make diamonds in the lab

19 Nov 2020

Scientists make insta-bling at room temperature

An international team of scientists has defied nature to make diamonds in minutes in a laboratory at room temperature - a process that normally requires billions of years, huge amounts of pressure and super-hot temperatures.

Satellite above earth

16 Nov 2020

Historic ‘Satellite Selfie’ captures distinct moment in time

Australia's largest ever selfie has captured some incredible images from the ACT and the Northern Territory.

12–2pm 3 December 2020

ANU Energy Update 2020

This year's Energy Update involves a special online discussion on the World Energy Outlook 2020 (WEO 2020).