This story will change how you feel about drains

Kate Harriden wants you to sunbathe in a storm water channel. “I can see you seem a bit confused by the idea,” she says.

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You might have heard that it’s July now. The year is, apparently, already half over. But how can this be possible? We turn to Dr Peter Riggs for answers.

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10 Jul 2020

Intensive farming is eating up the Australian continent – but there's another way

It's painfully clear nature is buckling under the weight of farming's demands. There's another way – but it involves accepting nature's limits.

10 Jul 2020

Our field cameras melted in the bushfires. When we opened them, the results were startling

After the bushfires, we went looking for endangered corroboree frogs. Normally, they respond to our calls. But at some sites, the ponds were silent.

Australian cash and coins

6.30–7.30pm 23 July 2020

Tax tips in the year of COVID-19

Join presenter, ANU alumnus and Partner of The Firm, Graeme Brown, for a fun (yes fun!), interactive, easy to understand virtual event, to explore taxation tips, traps and ideas for making the most of your upcoming tax return preparation.

'Career' written on a blackboard in chalk

12–1.30pm 13 August 2020

Pathfinder: Designing Your Life Workshop

Join an interactive workshop based on the book Designing Your Life. ANU alumnus, Benjamin Gill will discuss how the emphasis on finding your passion or the notion that you ‘should’ know where you are going in life, can in fact be limiting.