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meriSTEM The Standard Model will investigate particle properties, exchange/guage bosons, Feynman diagrams, the history of our universe, the Higgs boson and modern experiments in particle physics.

What makes science science? What are the rules for significant figures again? How do I choose the right kind of graph for my data? Where do I even start to solve a big world-saving problem? meriSTEM Science Skills is a great primer for starting senior science, or a handy reference guide for those things you really should remember from junior high school.

Year 11 and 12 Earth sciences coming soon.

meriSTEM Quantum Mechanics will take you through the double slit experiment, the origins of quantum mechanics, the photoelectric effect, atom models and atomic spectra with extension in Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

meriSTEM Special Relativity explores Galilean relativity, the postulates of special relativity, time dilation, the relativity of simultaneity, length contraction, muons, Bell's spaceship paradox, relativistic momentum, and extensions in Lorentz transformations.

meriSTEM electrical physics will take you through circuits, charge, energy, voltage, power, resistance, Ohm's law, circuit analysis, Kirchhoff's law and resistors.

meriSTEM Nuclear Physics will explore nuclear composition, stability, decay, halflives, nuclear energies & masses, nuclear reactions, nuclear power, binding energies and ionising radiation.

meriSTEM Electromagnetism will journey you through electric fields, Coulomb's Law and potential, magnetic fields, magnetism, induction and electromagnetic waves.

meriSTEM Gravitation and Motion will take you through the Law of universal gravitation, projectile motion, uniform circular motion, orbits, gravitational fields and introduce general relativity.

meriSTEM Thermal Physics module will take you through temperature, heat, conduction, convection, radiation, energy efficiency and entropy.

meriSTEM Waves and Optics journeys through an introduction to waves and on to standing waves, harmonics, resonance, speed of light, absorption, emission, interference, diffraction and polarisation.

meriSTEM Mechanics module explores linear motion and force including velocity, acceleration, forces, vectors, free body diagrams, Newton's laws, momentum and conservation of energy.

meriSTEM Multicellular organisms introduces cell specialisation in plants and animals and looks at the relationship between structure and function of cells within transport, digestive, excretory and gas exchange systems.

meriSTEM Cells as the Basis of Life explores the components, size, function and the needs of cells and links cell biology to sustainable agriculture.

meriSTEM Solutions & Acidity will take through concentration and yield calculations, dissolving, solubility and an introduction to acids and bases and their common reactions.

meriSTEM Quantities journeys to the land of the mole and reaction stoichiometry.

meriSTEM Intermolecular Forces and Gases delves into the forces that shape molecules and their properties, including VSEPR theory, polarity and Hydrogen bonding.

meriSTEM Matter and Elements introduces the building blocks of our universe - matter, mixtures, atoms, elements, ions, molecules, isotopes -and how we can detect them.

meriSTEM Bonds explores ionic, metallic, and covalent bonding and the properties of differently bonded materials, including nanomaterials.

meriSTEM Reactions introduces types of chemical reactions, endo- and exothermic reactions, enthalpy, heat capacity and combustion.

meriSTEM Reaction Rates delves into why and how chemical reactions occur (or not) under different conditions using collision theory.

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