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Studying science at ANU is a lifetime experience. Find out why directly from our students.

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A close look at biology leads graduate to find herself

It was while looking down a microscope that Minette Salmon made a huge breakthrough.

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A cheapskate’s guide to being an international student in Canberra

I know a guy who is really good at his job. His job—or maybe it’s more like his life’s mission—is to never pay for food.

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How a double degree really can please everybody

When I was growing up, it was difficult for me to choose a study path that wasn’t defined by my parents.

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ANU is my mum

When I fell pregnant, I wanted both a baby and a degree. This is what I did.

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Exciting nuclei with strange shapes

As a kid growing up in New Zealand, Jackson Dowie was fascinated by nuclear physics, like his Kiwi predecessor Ernest Rutherford.

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PhD student strikes gold

For her PhD project, Wenjie Yang has asked her supervisor for a lot of gold.

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My internship at the British High Commission

Science student, Brody Hannan, shares his experiences at the British High Commission.

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Winter is coming, with coffee (and more)

‘Why?’ I asked, unable to hide my curiosity. Is he going to ask me out on a date?

Career story

What does an epidemiologist do?

ANU alumna Anita Williams reflects on her recent experience as a Field Management Officer in an HIV study in Malawi.

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Why I marched for science

Scientists will take a stand when people lose their sense of judgment on science.