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Studying science at ANU is a lifetime experience. Find out why directly from our students.

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Making a scientific contribution to society

Whether he’s in Singapore, Australia or Africa, Bachelor of Medical Science student Sam Kwong is determined to make a scientific contribution to society.

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The outback GP from ANU

The first thing you notice about Dr Sam Gubicak is he’s on a horse.

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Why Canberra is a great choice for a country kid

When the time came for Brianna to leave her hometown and start university in a big city, finding a new sense of community was high on her radar.

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What did you want to be when you grew up?

Elite athlete? Actor? Astronaut? It’s pretty rare to find someone actually living their childhood dream. Cue: Nate Byrne, ABC Breakfast News weather presenter.

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The human side of science

Respiratory Scientist and Bachelor of Medical Science graduate Katherine Macpherson is an authority when it comes to lungs.

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Studying abroad together

Wouldn’t it be great if you could study overseas, and bring all your friends from home with you?

An Earth Science student analyses minerals in the Centre for Advanced Microscopy

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Earth sciences internship is a win-win-win situation

The ANU Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) has launched a pilot internship program which benefits students, industry and the University.

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Expect the unexpected: life in Canberra

Marlon is one of 25 psychology students from Southwest University in China, completing his psychology degree at ANU.

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Art meets science: The world is your multidisciplinary oyster

Dr Erin Walsh was inspired by the lead singer of her favourite band to become a scientific illustrator, doctor in psychology, and to work in epidemiology.

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Cracking the code of success: How a physics PhD can boost your business career

Dr Ramin Rafiei has some advice for anyone questioning the value of a PhD outside of academia: "Be a nerd!"