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9 Aug 2013

Field diaries and lobe-finned fossils

In the front room of his coastal house in Eden, Dr Keith Crook sits among piles of identical and meticulously labelled field diaries.

19 Jul 2013

Martin Westgate

Leaping into new experiences. Graduate Martin Westgate chose to study at ANU because it provided him the opportunity to work on novel and exciting research that speaks to a global audience.

9 Apr 2013

Capturing the emotion in science

A chemist and physicist sees science as an unduly gendered kind of world – but that need not be the case

9 Apr 2013

Pursuing two goals

An award-winning astronomer who needs both career and family

20 Feb 2013

'Mr Galaxy' a bright star

Professor Ken Freeman, one of Australia’s most influential astronomers, had absolutely no interest in the field when he started out.