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5 Mar 2016

Telling the history of rock

Professor Gordon Lister is a tectonicist and structural geologist. In other words, a rock-whisperer.

18 Feb 2016

The nuclear option

Tony Irwin is your go-to guy for nuclear reactors and the nuclear fuel cycle.

16 Dec 2015

Physics that benefits humanity

A passion for turning physics experiments into practical technology that benefits the poorest people in the world has earned Professor Chennupati Jagadish a prestigious fellowship of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) in the United States.  

2 Jul 2015

Flipping physics education for the better

Physics educator, Associate Professor Joe Hope has flipped around the way that complex material is taught in the classroom.

29 Jun 2015

Climbing trees to fight parrot populations plight

Meet Dejan Stojanovic, who is working to save the iconic Tasmanian swift parrot.

15 Jun 2015

Pool your passions

I feel lucky to be a recipient of a gender equity fellowship in memory of such an amazing woman.

13 Nov 2014

No pain is a big gain

Ben Corry graduated with a PhD in Physics from ANU and is now a senior lecturer in the Research School of Biology, focusing his reach on biophysics.

21 Dec 2013

What’s shaping evolution?

Dr Mitzy Pepper, an evolutionary biologist with a background in geology, looks at how historical and environmental factors shape the way plants and animals evolve.