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18 Jul 2017

A drop in the ocean: Dr Mallela’s mission to protect the reefs

“It’s absolutely shocking to dive on a reef that you know well, and see it turn white in the space of a week.It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life."

16 Jun 2017

ANU scientist Graham Farquhar first Australian to win Kyoto Prize

ANU scientist Graham Farquhar first Australian to win Kyoto Prize

26 Oct 2016

Tony Ayers Prize awarded to Professor Robyn Lucas

Professor Robyn Lucas has been awarded the 2016 John James Foundation Tony Ayers Prize for Excellence in Translational Medicine.

24 Sep 2016

A day job under the sea

Dr Christopher Fulton sometimes spends six to eight hours a day underwater, assessing how plants and animals in the ocean respond to environmental shifts such as climate change.

22 Sep 2016

Science communication: It makes you think, even if it's WTF

There aren’t many science careers that let you research pretty much whatever you want, wherever you want. Welcome to the life of a science communicator. It’s a tough job, but Dr Will Grant just has to do it.

19 Mar 2016

The roughness of the real world

For Dr Pierre Portal, the tools of his trade are “a pen, paper and a whiteboard” combined with “a lot of staring out the window.”

18 Mar 2016

Star light, star bright

“I create artificial stars with lasers.”

10 Mar 2016

You're spongey and you know it

Dr Maja Adamska is flipping through a textbook, and stops to show a photo of what looks like a lumpy blob.