Tabitha Carvan


Tabitha Carvan is the Lead Science Writer for the ANU College of Science. Her stories for Science at ANU have appeared in The Best Australian Science Writing in 2023 and 2022. 


Animals in a kitchen

What business does a wild animal have in contributing to our domestic bliss?

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Man holds a spider in a clear box

“We just need to educate people and build awareness of spiders, to show that they’re not actually the bad guys we want them to be.”

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Two men seated on a green sofa and one woman standing

What happens to all those stories which start with the promise of an exciting new scientific breakthrough, but don’t end that way?

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A book called Night Parrot and a woman's hands reading

For more than a century, the Night Parrot has inspired gripping tales of obsessive odysseys and miraculous discoveries. But now the truth has gotten in the way of a good story. And Dr Penny Olsen is wearing the cost.

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Hands throwing papers into a firepit

The tradition of burning their PhD thesis has been handed down from student to student at Mount Stromlo ever since the 2003 bushfires.

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Two white mushrooms on leafy ground

Death cap mushrooms don’t actually want to kill us. In fact, mushrooms don’t care about us at all. 

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