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A cosmic event captured by NASA.

New infrared telescope to help find Universe’s “hidden treasures” in real time

A new infrared telescope built by ANU will monitor the entire southern sky in search of new cosmic events as they take place.

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News | 17 Feb 2020

This is not a climate emergency. It’s much more serious

Australia is "ground zero" for what is in reality a "climate crisis".

News | 17 Feb 2020

Funding boost to float Australia’s hydrogen energy future

A 20-year investment worth $1.5 million will help boost Australia’s hydrogen economy, powering new research on this form of renewable energy storage at ANU.

Dhani Gilbert

Student profile | 11 Feb 2020

‘I realised I had a voice that adds value’: climate activist on her way to ANU

At the age of 18 Dhani Gilbert has a powerful voice, now she is headed to ANU to pursue ecology and science communication.

News | 11 Feb 2020

Can a river sing? ANU researchers say ‘absolutely’

A remarkable new project led by ANU researchers will showcase the beauty of the Murray River, and help re-frame the discussion about the waterway's health.

News | 7 Feb 2020

$50 million endowment for Indigenous university scholarships

The ANU has today launched a new scholarship program and endowment to unlock university and personal opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

Analysis and opinion | 5 Feb 2020

Universities are key to meeting our climate change challenge

Universities are key to meeting our climate change challenge

News | 31 Jan 2020

ANU gives koalas a home and care after bushfires

Koalas displaced and injured by Australia’s bushfires are being cared for and housed temporarily at ANU.

News | 30 Jan 2020

Big, old space junk on collision course above Earth

An old space telescope, IRAS, will potentially collide with a decommissioned satellite, GGSE-4, raining debris in Earth’s orbit.

Analysis and opinion | 28 Jan 2020

Fire almost wiped out rare species in the Australian Alps. Feral horses are finishing the job

Populations of wildlife that the bushfires haven't already wiped out are threatened by thousands of feral horses trampling the land.

News | 28 Jan 2020

Astronomers spot ‘vampire’ star sucking life from victim

Astronomers have found a 'vampire' star in the midst of a feeding frenzy, with the help of an automated program that is sifting through archived data.