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Migraine sufferers needlessly enduring agonising pain

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are needlessly enduring days of agony because they don’t know how to prevent migraines, researchers have found.

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Program participants doing yoga in the Alexander Maconochie Centre

Analysis and opinion | 22 Jul 2019

First-ever Australian study shows how yoga can improve the lives of prisoners

A small group of male prisoners has participated in an eight-week yoga program at the Alexander Maconochie Centre, which houses all adult prisoners in Canberra.

Research story | 22 Jul 2019

Could you survive a trip to Mars?

At a recent public lecture, Dr Emma Tucker posed a question to the audience: who would like to travel to space?

Student profile | 19 Jul 2019

Dawn of a new era for PhD grad – now featuring twice as many suns

Rajika Kuruwita is an astronomer. Her PhD is on a subject which very much exists IRL but is actually best known from fiction, so that’s where she always starts.

News | 19 Jul 2019

Lunar rocks debunk moon landing conspiracy theories

ANU scientist Professor Trevor Ireland, who is a space rock expert, said no conspiracy would have or could have made the Moon rocks.

Student profile | 18 Jul 2019

Between Canberra and Country: the gap year that took ten years

Hmalan’s connection to Country made her flee ANU, but also led her back ten years later.

Analysis and opinion | 15 Jul 2019

Arctic ice loss is worrying, but the giant stirring in the South could be even worse

There are worrying signs Antarctica is changing faster than expected and in places previously thought to be protected from rapid change.

Student blog | 9 Jul 2019

Do you have imposter syndrome?

“Hello, I’m Not-Clever-Enough-To-Have-A-PhD. What’s your name?”

News | 9 Jul 2019

Celebrating local Indigenous artists

The third and final unveiling of artworks by Indigenous artists has taken place at the ANU Colleges of Science; Health and Medicine.

Analysis and opinion | 8 Jul 2019

Time will tell if this is a record summer for Greenland ice melt, but the pattern over the past 20 years is clear

No part of the planet is free from the impacts of human-caused climate change. But Greenland is experiencing the impacts particularly severely.

News | 4 Jul 2019

Smoking 'triples deaths from the heart'

Smoking is killing at least 17 Australians a day from preventable heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular conditions.