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A cosmic event captured by NASA.

New infrared telescope to help find Universe’s “hidden treasures” in real time

A new infrared telescope built by ANU will monitor the entire southern sky in search of new cosmic events as they take place.

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Bobby Sun on One Tree Island

Student profile | 10 Dec 2019

What do you do if you love marine science - but can’t swim?

Bobby Sun loves the ocean and is about to graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours), specialising in marine science. And yet, she can't swim.

Sherbaz Hashmi

Student profile | 9 Dec 2019

How an internship can jump-start your start-up

Sherbaz says his current career trajectory was shaped by an internship experience he completed as part of his science program.

Clouds over the Amazon

News | 29 Nov 2019

Tipping points push Earth towards hothouse climate

More than half of the tipping points that could push the planet towards a hothouse Earth and threaten human civilisation are now "active".

Analysis and opinion | 27 Nov 2019

Researchers allege native logging breaches that threaten the water we drink

The Victorian government’s logging business is cutting native forests on steep slopes, in an apparent rule breach that threatens water supplies.

Donghee Nam

Student blog | 25 Nov 2019

The supersonic recipe for a big star

Astronomy and Astrophysics Masters student, Donghee Nam, shares his research into star formation.

Professor Carola Vinuesa

News | 22 Nov 2019

ANU researchers recognised as some of the world’s most influential

Four ANU academics have recently joined a prestigious list of Highly Cited Researchers awarded by the Web of Science.

A forest with trees cleared

News | 21 Nov 2019

Illegal logging on Victoria's steep slopes putting lives at risk

The Victorian Government is in breach of its own forest laws, allowing logging on steep slopes and putting lives at risk, according to ANU researchers.

Stephanie David

Student profile | 21 Nov 2019

Weighing up the communication challenges of pill testing

Stephanie David's research combines her studies with her experience as an active member of Canberra’s music scene.

The ANU Wood Library (Xylarium)

Analysis and opinion | 19 Nov 2019

When a tree dies, don't waste your breath. Rescue the wood to honour its memory

More concerning than the death of a tree is how we waste them afterwards.

Artist Ngaio Fitzpatrick with her glass artwork

Research story | 18 Nov 2019

Requiem for a reef

Atop Mt Stromlo, under a full moon, researchers, musicians and a glass artist met to draw attention to the impacts of climate change on coral reef ecosystems.