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Migraine sufferers needlessly enduring agonising pain

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are needlessly enduring days of agony because they don’t know how to prevent migraines, researchers have found.

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Academic profile | 8 Aug 2019

Strengthening relationships between children and their kinship and foster parents

Dr Dave Pasalich wants to help the nearly 48,000 Australian children living in out-of-home care.

News | 7 Aug 2019

Nature offers potential for endless renewable fuel supplies

Scientists have cracked a key step in nature’s water-splitting recipe, which may be harnessed to make a limitless supply of cheap renewable fuel.

News | 6 Aug 2019

The fate of coral reefs undermined by phosphate mining

A new study from The Australian National University has shown the impact phosphate mining is having on our coral reefs.

Analysis and opinion | 6 Aug 2019

The National Breastfeeding Strategy is a start, but if we really valued breast milk we'd put it in the GDP

Australia’s new National Breastfeeding Strategy sets ambitious goals.

News | 2 Aug 2019

Astronomers find traces of one of the first stars

Astronomers have found the ghostly remains of one of the Universe's first stars inside a rare, ancient star far, far away on the other side of our galaxy.

News | 2 Aug 2019

Review calls for better care in our dying days

A new paper from The Australian National University (ANU) highlighting failings with palliative care and how we are cared for when we die.

Academic profile | 1 Aug 2019

Vanquishing prejudice takes practice

Jessica Halem’s job at Harvard Medical School is to alleviate suffering. But she’s not a doctor.

News | 31 Jul 2019

$10 million bequest to tackle rare autoimmune disease

Treatment for a rare and currently incurable autoimmune disease has been given a major boost thanks to a $10 million bequest made to ANU.

Analysis and opinion | 29 Jul 2019

There's a simple way to drought-proof a town – build more water storage

Available water supply is not only determined by rainfall. It also depends on water storage.

Career story | 27 Jul 2019

Finding her way to care for Country

Kristi Lee, a Githabul Bundjalung woman and ANU graduate, has received the ‘Caring for Country’ award at the 2019 ACT NAIDOC Awards.