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Migraine sufferers needlessly enduring agonising pain

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are needlessly enduring days of agony because they don’t know how to prevent migraines, researchers have found.

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News | 4 Sep 2019

Tall Poppy with a broader view of chemistry

Researcher, lecturer and gender equality crusader, Dr Lara Malins, has been awarded an ACT Tall Poppy.

News | 30 Aug 2019

Menopause therapies linked to major increase in breast cancer risk

Nearly all types of menopausal hormone therapy increase breast cancer risk, with some risk persisting for many years.

News | 28 Aug 2019

Wind mystery inside gas giant Saturn begins to unravel

A new study argues that Saturn's interior flows like honey due to its magnetic field.

Mossy Red-eyed Frog (Duellmanohyla soralia)

Research story | 27 Aug 2019

The last croak

A strange fungal disease is killing frogs and other amphibians in Australia and other parts of the world.

Research story | 23 Aug 2019

Artificial trees capture new bird species on candid camera

Using artificial trees has attracted birds and other wildlife never before seen in a damaged Canberra landscape.

Research story | 23 Aug 2019

250,000 Melbourne residents lose water due to logging

Logging in Melbourne’s largest water catchment has led to a loss of water equivalent to the amount used by 250,000 people each year, new research shows.

News | 23 Aug 2019

How Australia can act on suicide prevention

Experts say the Australian Government's "zero suicide" strategy might benefit from drawing on the experiences of Denmark.

News | 22 Aug 2019

The new gene therapy that could help save sight

A new gene therapy will help people at risk of dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and could potentially save millions from going blind.