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National approach “urgently needed’ for smoke pollution

Experts are calling for an independent national expert committee on air pollution and health protection to be urgently established.

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News | 31 Jan 2020

ANU gives koalas a home and care after bushfires

Koalas displaced and injured by Australia’s bushfires are being cared for and housed temporarily at ANU.

News | 30 Jan 2020

Big, old space junk on collision course above Earth

An old space telescope, IRAS, will potentially collide with a decommissioned satellite, GGSE-4, raining debris in Earth’s orbit.

News | 28 Jan 2020

Astronomers spot ‘vampire’ star sucking life from victim

Astronomers have found a 'vampire' star in the midst of a feeding frenzy, with the help of an automated program that is sifting through archived data.

Analysis and opinion | 28 Jan 2020

Fire almost wiped out rare species in the Australian Alps. Feral horses are finishing the job

Populations of wildlife that the bushfires haven't already wiped out are threatened by thousands of feral horses trampling the land.

Analysis and opinion | 24 Jan 2020

Many of our plants and animals have adapted to fires, but now the fires are changing

The nature of our fires is changing rapidly, and the adaptation of our plants and animals won't be able to keep pace.

Satellite photograph of eastern Australia with plumes of smoke visible. Image: NASA

Analysis and opinion | 23 Jan 2020

Scientists hate to say 'I told you so'. But Australia, you were warned

Australian scientists warned the country could face a climate change-driven bushfire crisis by 2020. It arrived on schedule.

Dr Jo Lane, photographed in front of university gardens.

News | 23 Jan 2020

Fighting fatigue: new research on an invisible symptom of multiple sclerosis

When David was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) 16 years ago, he read everything he could about the neurological condition.

Analysis and opinion | 21 Jan 2020

Conservation scientists are grieving after the bushfires - but we must not give up

"So many of us are wondering: have lives spent furthering conservation been wasted?"

Analysis and opinion | 20 Jan 2020

Bushfires left millions of animals dead. We should use them, not just bury them

Carcasses can play a positive role as landscapes recover from fire, providing rich nutrients for other native animal, microbial and plant species.

News | 16 Jan 2020

Factsheet to help beat the health hazards of smoke haze

With major cities across Australia choking on thick clouds of hazardous smoke, an ANU expert advises on the best ways to protect yourself.