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Discovery could lead to new malaria treatments

A study led by researchers at ANU could lead to new treatments for combating drug-resistant malaria, as well as boost existing drugs.

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A study led by researchers at ANU could lead to new treatments for combating drug-resistant malaria, as well as boost existing drugs.


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Analysis and opinion | 17 Jul 2020

Australian cities are quiet during lockdown. Earthquake scientists are making the most of it

Our responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically changed human activity all over the world. People are working from home, schools are closed in many places, travel is restricted, and in some cases only essential shops and businesses are open.

Optical gyroscope

News | 16 Jul 2020

Next-generation navigation technology developed in Australia

Australian researchers and industry partners are joining forces to develop, design and manufacture the next-generation of optical gyroscopes for high-precision autonomous navigation in a new $8.7 million project.

Analysis and opinion | 14 Jul 2020

Fire-ravaged Kangaroo Island is teeming with feral cats. It’s bad news for this little marsupial

The wild western end of the island, once a vast mallee woodland peppered with wildflowers and mobs of roaming roos, had been completely erased. An immense dune field covered with sharp blackened sticks now stretched beyond the horizon, to the sea, hollow and quiet.

Potato Rubisco catalysis showing plant, roots and computer generated protein structure.

News | 14 Jul 2020

Back to the future: new study could lead to bumper crops

Research led by scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) could lead to major improvements in crop production.

Analysis and opinion | 10 Jul 2020

Our field cameras melted in the bushfires. When we opened them, the results were startling

After the bushfires, we went looking for endangered corroboree frogs. Normally, they respond to our calls. But at some sites, the ponds were silent.

Analysis and opinion | 10 Jul 2020

Intensive farming is eating up the Australian continent – but there's another way

It's painfully clear nature is buckling under the weight of farming's demands. There's another way – but it involves accepting nature's limits.

Dr James Gilbert next to telescope.

News | 9 Jul 2020

Lead engineer of Australia’s planet hunter receives national award

ANU researcher, Dr James Gilbert has been named one of Australia’s most innovative engineers.

Map of Australia with location of native animal species

News | 8 Jul 2020

Professor Loeske Kruuk awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship

Professor Kruuk will receive $3.3 million in funding from the ARC to pursue research into the effects of changing environments on wild animal populations.

Analysis and opinion | 7 Jul 2020

How COVID-19 undermines sustainability

Amid the dire consequences of COVID-19, some consider the pandemic to the best news the environment has received in a long time.

Five clocks on dark wall.

Academic profile | 6 Jul 2020

Can physics explain our experience of ‘corona time’?

You might have heard that it’s July now. The year is, apparently, already half over. But how can this be possible? We turn to Dr Peter Riggs for answers.