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‘Smart plants’ and water use research win ARC Fellowships

Professor Barry Pogson, from the Research School of Biology, was awarded $2.9 million to create higher-yielding and more resilient 'smart plants'.

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24 Jun 2019

Curious cases of chemical cross-kingdom communication

The idea of being able to send instructions to organisms in different kingdoms is fascinating.

13 Jun 2019

Looking down, not up, to predict drought

ANU scientists are working with space technology to predict droughts months in advance.

13 Jun 2019

Breaking a golden rule

A researcher has made a remarkable discovery about a group of lizards living in the Andes. Jess Fagan reports.

28 May 2019

Baby did a lab, lab thing: the families being studied for science

What’s it like to be studied by researchers for your entire life – including in your own home?

A Mossy Red-eyed Frog sits on a leaf in Honduras

29 Mar 2019

Mass amphibian extinctions globally caused by fungal disease

An international study led by ANU has found a fungal disease has caused dramatic population declines in more than 500 amphibian species.

Two kangaroos grazing on Kangaroo Island

21 Mar 2019

There's a better way to manage kangaroo populations - study

Landholders need to turn professional in controlling kangaroo populations on properties and regard the iconic Australian animals as assets rather than pests.

20 Mar 2019

Asteroid's rugged surface complicates OSIRIS-REx mission

The near-Earth asteroid, Bennu, has thrown NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission a curve ball as its rough surface littered with boulders had not been anticipated.

18 Mar 2019

Lactation after loss: overcoming a taboo for grieving mothers

An ANU team is researching how to help a woman after the death of a baby.

16 Mar 2019

Earth is a less volatile version of the Sun, study finds

ANU scientists have found that Earth is made of the same elements as the Sun but has less of the volatile elements such as hydrogen, helium, oxygen and nitrogen

14 Mar 2019

Thank Earth's magnetic field for water that gives you life

ANU scientists studying magnetic fields of planets have found most planets discovered in other solar systems are unlikely to be as hospitable to life as Earth.