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‘Smart plants’ and water use research win ARC Fellowships

Professor Barry Pogson, from the Research School of Biology, was awarded $2.9 million to create higher-yielding and more resilient 'smart plants'.

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13 Mar 2019

ANU researchers unravel mysteries of Earth's inner core

Researchers from ANU are unlocking some of the secrets of the Earth's inner core by adapting and further developing a technique used in hospitals.

12 Mar 2019

After the quake: ANU research helps build better buildings

ANU research is providing policy-makers with the data they need to build earthquake resilient buildings.

6 Mar 2019

Vulnerable narcissists more susceptible to eating disorders

Vulnerable narcissists are more likely to develop eating disorders, according to a new study from The Australian National University (ANU).

5 Mar 2019

How did plants conquer land?

An international study has found a drought alarm system that first appeared in freshwater algae may have enabled plants to move from water to land.

28 Feb 2019

'Revolutionary': a new hope for treating autoimmune disease

Sometimes we overuse the word 'revolutionary'. Sometimes something revolutionary happens.

19 Feb 2019

The truth about truthiness

“The really cool thing about this is … ,” she begins, before stopping herself mid-sentence. “No, wait. I should say, it’s the really disturbing thing.”

20 Nov 2018

One small baby: one giant leap for genetic screening

One baby’s tragic death led to a $20-million trial to prevent similar cases.

20 Nov 2018

The next leap forward

ACT Scientist of the Year Dr Rose Ahlefeldt, is working with crystals that may one day be used to store quantum information in the next generation of computers.

20 Nov 2018

Who pays the bill?

Who makes the decision about the next appliance in a household? And what are the consequences? Sarah Wilson reports.

20 Nov 2018

What’s in your bag?

ANU scientists unpack their bags—and their research—for us.