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‘Smart plants’ and water use research win ARC Fellowships

Professor Barry Pogson, from the Research School of Biology, was awarded $2.9 million to create higher-yielding and more resilient 'smart plants'.

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20 Aug 2018

Doctors using children as interpreters for their parents is “child abuse”

Research from the ANU Medical School has found doctors are using children in refugee families as interpreters for their parents.

12 Jul 2018

Then and now: Professor Ken Baldwin

Professor Ken Baldwin is holding a black and white photo taken of him in the mid-1980s.

6 Jul 2018

The mother of all childcare problems: fathers aren’t taking parental leave

Dr Liana Leech wants to start conversations about parental leave.

29 May 2018

When you’re sick, the support you’ll get may depend on the ‘worth’ of your disease

The name of an illness can affect the level of care a person receives.

18 Apr 2018

Rocky start solves a mystery

“650 million years ago, there was a revolution of ecosystems.”

18 Apr 2018

Working together for weight loss

“We want to give GPs the tools to assist their patients.”

18 Apr 2018

X marks the conservation hotspot

"This study gives top priority to species with no close relatives.”

18 Apr 2018

Us and science: it’s complicated

“Most of us think the benefits of science have outweighed the harmful effects.”

18 Apr 2018

The fact of the matter

"We need to reconstruct a shared perspective of what are facts.”

18 Apr 2018

Working together for Indigenous health

“We need a continued, comprehensive approach.”