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‘Smart plants’ and water use research win ARC Fellowships

Professor Barry Pogson, from the Research School of Biology, was awarded $2.9 million to create higher-yielding and more resilient 'smart plants'.

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23 Aug 2017

Upgrading the world’s most important protein

Despite being the most abundant protein in the world, we are still getting to the roots of how Rubisco, the protein at the heart of photosynthesis, works.

18 Aug 2017

Scientists help solve mystery of what causes exploding stars

Scientists from ANU have helped to solve the mystery of what causes exploding stars, which are used to measure the accelerating expansion of the Universe.

17 Aug 2017

ANU-led study solves mystery of how first animals appeared on Earth

Research led by ANU has solved the mystery of how the first animals appeared on Earth, a pivotal moment for the planet without which humans would not exist.

16 Aug 2017

400 million year old fish fossil reveals jaw structure linked to humans

A new study from ANU on a 400 million year old fish fossil has found a jaw structure that is part of the evolutionary lineage linked to humans.

9 Aug 2017

Microcephaly brain size linked to mutation in stem cell micro environment

New research highlights the significant role the surrounding environment of stem cells might play in the brain size of babies with microcephaly.

4 Aug 2017

Plants learn to forget stressful weather events to rapidly recover

A new study led by ANU has found that plants are able to forget stressful weather events to rapidly recover.

28 Jul 2017

Expedition to help solve mystery of underwater continent

An expedition led by ANU will help solve the mysteries of Zealandia, an underwater continent to the east of Australia.

27 Jul 2017

Flock-size matters for critically endangered regent honeyeaters

New research from ANU shows the need for urgent action to boost the flock sizes of the critically-endangered regent honeyeater.

20 Jul 2017

Nano device promises ultra-fast graphics on gaming consoles

An international team of scientists led by ANU has designed a new nano device that promises ultra-fast rendering of high-definition graphics on gaming consoles.

14 Jul 2017

Let’s talk about sex. Beetle sex.

This is not the easiest work to explain to your family: you spend your days watching beetle sex tapes.