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‘Smart plants’ and water use research win ARC Fellowships

Professor Barry Pogson, from the Research School of Biology, was awarded $2.9 million to create higher-yielding and more resilient 'smart plants'.

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3 Mar 2016

New way to control chemical reactions

Scientists have harnessed static electricity to control chemical reactions for the first time, in a breakthrough that could bring cleaner industry and cheaper nanotechnology.

27 Feb 2016

Slithering between science and art

A fellowship program at ANU has brought researchers together from diverse fields to collaborate and learn from each other.

26 Feb 2016

How a mystery pulse helped weigh the universe

Scientists have pinpointed the source of a rare burst of radio waves from the heavens for the first time, identifying the culprit as an elliptical galaxy six billion light years away.

18 Feb 2016

Australia and the 'genomics revolution'

We have heard about the government’s ‘Ideas Boom’. How about making ideas ‘bloom’? With the right policies, Australia could reap the rewards of an agricultural and environmental ‘genomics revolution’.

12 Feb 2016

ANU plays a key role in discovery of gravitational waves

ANU scientists are part of a global scientific collaboration which has proven the existence of gravitational waves for the first time.

11 Feb 2016

Washing our hands of infectious diseases

Dr Susana Vaz Nery’s research seeks to minimise diseases that are transmitted through contaminated soil.

22 Jan 2016

The aliens are silent because they are extinct

Life on other planets would likely be brief and become extinct very quickly, say astrobiologists from ANU Research School of Earth Sciences.

12 Jan 2016

Lessons from the frontline of public health

Through Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Dr Lokuge has participated in deployments that include Afghanistan, Sudan and Uganda.

5 Jan 2016

Deciphering the Paris climate talks

What is the significance of the Paris Agreement? What does it mean for Australia and the world?

14 Dec 2015

Bringing cancer research together at ANU

The Australian National University (ANU) is considered a leader in medical research. Your gift will turn their discoveries into cures.