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22 Jan 2016

The aliens are silent because they are extinct

Life on other planets would likely be brief and become extinct very quickly, say astrobiologists from ANU Research School of Earth Sciences.

12 Jan 2016

Lessons from the frontline of public health

Through Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Dr Lokuge has participated in deployments that include Afghanistan, Sudan and Uganda.

5 Jan 2016

Deciphering the Paris climate talks

What is the significance of the Paris Agreement? What does it mean for Australia and the world?

14 Dec 2015

Bringing cancer research together at ANU

The Australian National University (ANU) is considered a leader in medical research. Your gift will turn their discoveries into cures.

12 Nov 2015

What’s in storage for the future?

Have you ever wondered why your laptop computer works well for a few years, but then starts to give up the ghost?

12 Nov 2015

Oldest stars found near Milky Way centre

Astronomers have discovered the oldest known stars, dating from before the Milky Way Galaxy formed, when the Universe was just 300 million years old.

28 Oct 2015

Researchers have the chemistry to make a star

Chemists have created a star-shaped molecule previously thought to be too unstable to be made.

14 Sep 2015

Spectacular new lizard species named after Sir David Attenborough

A new species of African lizard, described by a team of researchers including staff at the ANU Research School of Biology, has been named after Sir David Attenborough.