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Lexie Johnstone | 2 Dec 2016

What happens when life doesn't go to plan

I had a plan, and I didn’t know how to begin deviating from it.

Izaac Smith | 12 Oct 2016

The major difference between school and uni

When I discovered that the average amount of time that I would be in class per week was something like 15-20 hours, I was absolutely shocked.

Ella Barnett | 5 Oct 2016

Living outside academia

University life is hectic, so finding a balance is essential. Extracurricular activities can help allowing you to develop different skills to put on your resume and meet fantastic people.

Brody Hannan | 22 Sep 2016

Internships, more than just experience

One of the many unique things about the ANU is its strong connections to business, government and universities alike.

Elmie Janse van Rensburg | 5 Aug 2016

Biological anthropology: more than just monkey-ing around

If Night at the Museum seems to you like a great day at the office, then maybe you should become a biological anthropologist, or so advises student blogger Elmie Janse van Rensburg.

Jesse Zondervan | 1 Jul 2016

Five things an international student needs to know about Canberra

If you think Canberra is boring, or even worse, you’ve never heard of it, our student blogger Jesse Zondervan will change your tune.

Jesse Zondervan | 1 Jul 2016

How not to plan your summer break

Do you love to plan for all eventualities? Are you anxious about uncertainty? Our student blogger Jesse Zondervan suggests you go against your instincts and enjoy the freedom of spontaneity.

Jesse Zondervan | 28 Jun 2016

Exploring the region: when a three-hour trip takes you millions of years back in time

Where other people see rocks and cliffs, our geologist student blogger Jesse Zondervan sees another world. Join him as he visits Jervis Bay.

Jesse Zondervan | 28 Jun 2016

The joys of self-catering: an Easter breakfast

At a self-catering college you can share the table with friends from around the world, and maybe even a pot of 70 eggs, writes student blogger Jesse Zondervan.

Jesse Zondervan | 28 Jun 2016

Turtles and tap-dancing birds: welcome to an ANU field trip

A field trip takes student blogger Jesse Zondervan to a classroom in paradise on the Great Barrier Reef.