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Lachlan Arthur | 20 Mar 2017

My marathon exchange

PhB student, Lachlan Arthur, shares some insights into his first few weeks studying in Switzerland.

Jennifer Wurtzel | 10 Mar 2017

My life at sea

Late last year, I spent two months living and working on a scientific research vessel.

Lisa Stojanovski | 27 Feb 2017

Becoming a circus master

I never thought I’d be setting my hands on fire for a university degree.

Charlotte Rouse | 16 Feb 2017

Life after a PhD. What next?

Having just submitted my PhD thesis, I have arrived at a point of major change in my life as I prepare to embark on my first professional position.

Hillary McArthur | 7 Dec 2016

My Manchester experience

On the days leading up to my exchange, I knew I was meant to feel excited but I was actually 50 per cent freaking out, and 50 per cent sad to leave my friends and family.

Lexie Johnstone | 2 Dec 2016

What happens when life doesn't go to plan

I had a plan, and I didn’t know how to begin deviating from it.

Izaac Smith | 12 Oct 2016

The major difference between school and uni

When I discovered that the average amount of time that I would be in class per week was something like 15-20 hours, I was absolutely shocked.

Ella Barnett | 5 Oct 2016

Living outside academia

University life is hectic, so finding a balance is essential. Extracurricular activities can help allowing you to develop different skills to put on your resume and meet fantastic people.

Brody Hannan | 22 Sep 2016

Internships, more than just experience

One of the many unique things about the ANU is its strong connections to business, government and universities alike.

Elmie Janse van Rensburg | 5 Aug 2016

Biological anthropology: more than just monkey-ing around

If Night at the Museum seems to you like a great day at the office, then maybe you should become a biological anthropologist, or so advises student blogger Elmie Janse van Rensburg.