Our campus by the coast

As a part of the ENVS2018 Environmental Science Field School course, we spent a week on ANU’s coastal campus at Kioloa applying various field methods learnt over previous weeks to look at the impact of land use on the biodiversity of the area.

Our study included soil and vegetation analyses, invertebrate, mammal, bird and intertidal diversity surveying, and involved sunrise birdwatching and night time octopus spotting in intertidal rock pools. Luckily we also had plenty of opportunities for crisp spring time ocean dips, bonding with the farm animals (including alpacas and day old baby goats) and time spent exploring the beautiful old spotted gum (Corymbia maculata) forests of the region!

The colourful leaves of the Corymbia Maculata forests

Intertidal rockpools beneath the Milkyway

Sunset over the Kioloa Campus

Sunrise on the way back from a dawn birdwatching expedition

Colourful starfish in intertidal rock pools

Colourful starfish in intertidal rock pools

Sunrise on Kioloa Beach

Night time octopus spotting expedition