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Migraine sufferers needlessly enduring agonising pain

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are needlessly enduring days of agony because they don’t know how to prevent migraines, researchers have found.

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News | 23 Apr 2015

Victoria must stop clearfelling to save Leadbeater's Possum

The Leadbeater’s Possum, Victoria’s faunal emblem, has been formally recognised as critically endangered.

Our ANU | 17 Apr 2015

New honour for ANU medical researcher

Medical researcher Professor Thomas Preiss has been named an Adjunct Group Leader (Faculty) of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Australia (EMBL Australia) in recognition of his pioneering work on stem cells.

News | 16 Apr 2015

Measuring the value of science: it's not always about the money

Reports about the worthy contributions of science to national economies pop up regularly all around the world – from the UKto the US and even the developing world.

News | 15 Apr 2015

Farming carbon can be a win for wildlife, if the price is right

Climate change and the loss of biodiversity are two of the greatest environmental issues of our time.