Jesse Zondervan

Dear readers, I’m Jesse Zondervan, a third year Dutch exchange student at ANU. I’m now retelling my stories from past year, hoping to illustrate real examples of life and study as a science student at ANU.

My Geology degree at Imperial College London and my year at ANU have benefited my understanding of Geology, but also more generally student life, travel and Australian and European cultures.

I hope you’ll find the stories entertaining, inspiring or useful.


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Five things an international student needs to know about Canberra

If you think Canberra is boring, or even worse, you’ve never heard of it, our student blogger Jesse Zondervan will change your tune.

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How not to plan your summer break

Do you love to plan for all eventualities? Are you anxious about uncertainty? Our student blogger Jesse Zondervan suggests you go against your instincts and enjoy the freedom of spontaneity.

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Turtles and tap-dancing birds: welcome to an ANU field trip

A field trip takes student blogger Jesse Zondervan to a classroom in paradise on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Studying with world-class academics. Or how I went ice skating with my lecturer.

I’m quite surprised to find an ice rink in Australia. Apparently it’s open the whole year round too, something that doesn’t even happen in the Dutch summer. I’m driving there in the BMW of one of my professors.

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Why you'll want to get a bike (not just because of the roos)

I’m surprised by the abundance of bike paths in Canberra. Both lanes along the road and segregated green cycle lanes supply a cycle infrastructure throughout Canberra.

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My first impression of Canberra and ANU

Canberra might be silent at times, but student life is humming.

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Exploring the region: when a three-hour trip takes you millions of years back in time

Where other people see rocks and cliffs, our geologist student blogger Jesse Zondervan sees another world. Join him as he visits Jervis Bay.

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The joys of self-catering: an Easter breakfast

At a self-catering college you can share the table with friends from around the world, and maybe even a pot of 70 eggs, writes student blogger Jesse Zondervan.