The joys of self-catering: an Easter breakfast

At a self-catering college you can share the table with friends from around the world, and maybe even a pot of 70 eggs, writes student blogger Jesse Zondervan.

I look at the face drawn on an egg, as Geoff holds his phone ready to share a selfie with it. On the photo, Geoff’s face appears on the egg and vice versa. It’s the new face swap filter on Snapchat. For the last few weeks everyone’s been very enthusiastic, myself included, about the multitude of filters on this selfie sharing app.

The reason we’re swapping faces with eggs is because it’s Easter and so it’s time for a Dutch tradition: Eitje Tik. On one of the tables in B&G’s kitchen, which is the size of a football field, a group of my exchange and Australian friends sit around a big pot with no less than seventy eggs.

We’re smashing the eggs against each other. This, unlike drawing faces on them, is part of the game where we compete to have the strongest, the winning egg.

After the game we used all the remaining eggs to make a curry: the egg in Geoff’s picture had a reason to look miserable.

In the communal B&G kitchen it’s very easy to get a group of friends together to enjoy festive food together. We take turn playing music on a portable Bluetooth speaker as we talk amongst each other and smash eggs. Scenes like this (perhaps without smashing eggs) are common: potlucks, birthdays and the random get-together.

Take advantage of your network of friends living next to you and enjoy communal breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I’d suggest you consider choosing a college with self-catering if not only for this reason.