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Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash

5.30pm 25 July 2019

Prejudice vanquished: Championing inclusive and respectful workplaces

Jessica Halem MBA, Harvard Medical School

7.45pm 20 July 2019

Community film screening: The Martian

ANU Professor Penny King and NASA research scientist Dr Abigail Fraeman will introduce the movie and chat about their own experiences with Mars.

6.30pm 20 July 2019

The Astronomy and Navigation of Aboriginal Australians

Aboriginal people in Australia have a rich astronomical tradition such as the "Emu in the Sky" constellation of dark clouds.

5pm 20 July 2019

Moon Week Film Screening: The Dish

Sam Neill stars in this 2000 comedy-drama that takes a semi-fictionalised look at the days before the Apollo 11 space mission in 1969.

4pm 20 July 2019

Space Pop-Up talk #5: Space law

Hear from representatives from the Australian Space Agency and private space companies about the issues of future space exploration and travel.

2.30pm 20 July 2019

Space Pop-Up talk #3: Space Health

Join a panel of Australia's leading experts on space health for an interactive talk about the physical and mental health issues astronauts have encountered.

1.45pm 20 July 2019

Space Pop-Up talk #2: Moon Geology

Hear from Dr Everett Gibson from NASA and ANU scientists who were in charge of analyzing the rocks from the Moon collected by the Apollo astronauts.

1pm 20 July 2019

Space Pop-Up talk #1: Space storytelling

Join artists and storytellers from NASA and ANU to learn how we turn scientific space discoveries into stories the public can understand and enjoy.

19–20 July 2019

Extraterrestrial Seismology: Listening to the Pulse of the Moon and Mars

In the frame of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, we will train our ears, and eyes, to recognize the Earth, Moon and Mars from their pulses.

8.15pm 19 July 2019

Moon Week film screening: Apollo 11

Head back in time to the year 1969 with this Canberra premiere screening of this critically acclaimed 2019 documentary chronicling the Apollo 11 mission.