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9.30am–12.30pm 13 October 2019

ANU Curious Kids – Indigenous Foods

What indigenous foods grow locally around Canberra? Why don’t we naturally eat indigenous foods as a part of our everyday meals? What plants can we use in cooking, medicine, and science?


6.30–8.30pm 8 October 2019

Prizes, Awards & Scholarships Presentation

A night to celebrate the outstanding achievements of Science, Health and Medicine students.

Astronomy & astrophysicsBiologyChemistryEarth & marine sciencesEnvironment & sustainabilityMathematicsPhysicsScience communication

6pm 2 October 2019

Black Holes and Wormholes: Concepts and Misconceptions

What are those exotic entities in the universe called black holes and wormholes?

Astronomy & astrophysicsPhysics

5.30pm 26 September 2019

How we think: Cracking the brain's code

Professor Jason Mattingley discusses the ways psychologists are demystifying the mechanisms of the brain that generate our thoughts, feelings and actions.

5.30pm 12 September 2019

Resilient humans: Harnessing our immune system to protect us from infection, injury and invasion

Professor Si Ming Man will discuss his research on the importance of the immune system in recognising microbes and the role of inflammation.

5.30pm 4 September 2019

Fighting Ebola: achieving positive social & health outcomes in emergencies

During the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014, engaging with local communities to understand their culture and needs was critical to effective control.

6–8pm 30 August 2019

ANU Bachelor of Philosophy (PhB) Symposium

The 2019 PhB Symposium will showcase the latest undergraduate research at The Australian National University (ANU).

6pm 26 August 2019

The Fiction of Memory

Join Distinguished Professor Elizabeth Loftus to hear her speak about 'The Fiction of Memory' in this one-night only event at Llewellyn Hall.

Aspirin, Image: Marco Verch Flickr

5.30pm 22 August 2019

A new public health: Preventing diseases with drugs

Professor John McNeil, Monash University.

10am–12pm 22 August 2019

Next steps for Paid Parental Leave: Advancing leave policy in Australia

A public panel discussion on 'The First 10 Years of Paid Parental Leave – What Have We Learned and Where Are We Heading?'