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STEM Boxes 2022 (Domestic)

Thank you for your interest in the ANU STEM Boxes program. Registrations to receive a free STEM Box for National Science Week 2022 are now open.

When will you receive your STEM box?

The boxes will arrive at your school in early August, for you to use during National Science Week 2022, 13 - 21 August.

Who will be eligible to receive a box?

You need to be teaching high school, years 7-12.

How many boxes can you order?

1 box per teacher.

What will each box contain?

Each box will contain all the key materials you need to conduct 10 - 15 experiment activities across the topics of environmental science, biology, chemistry, psychology, mathematics, astronomy, physics, earth science and engineering.

We include written instructions or a video of one of our students or teachers performing the activity to guide you. Please note that for some activities that require materials with a limited shelf life, we request that you source your own materials, as we cannot post them. We assure you that the activities have been chosen with easily sourced household items in mind.

What activities are included this year? 

  • Autoimmunity probability
  • Biology detectives
  • Choose your mate
  • Cloud in a bottle
  • Dice and probability
  • Error detection and correction
  • Floating foil density
  • Frugal innovation
  • How to make rock candy
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge
  • Measuring the size of the sun
  • Minty fresh reaction times
  • Overflowing surface tension
  • Projectile motion
  • Spaghetti marshmallow construction challenge
  • Water testing

Please note, some activities may change if there is a shortage of materials required.

Are there prizes?

To help you encourage your students to participate, this year we will award a prize to the best participating class(es)!

This is optional, you don't have to commit to this competition to receive a box. However, if you do and are happy to share some of your in-class STEM boxes experiences and experimental outcomes through videos and photos, more details on how to participate in this will be included in future updates to all the registered teachers.

What happens after you register?

There is nothing required from your side after you register, we will keep you posted with any updates.  

More information on the activities included in the boxes will be available on this site in May, and we will inform you once it’s up by email. For all other enquiries please email science@anu.edu.au