Delivered in time for National Science Week, the ANU STEM Boxes are free educational resources designed to provide hands-on learning experiences for students with each box containing a range of activities, experiments, and materials related to different STEM fields. The boxes contain a range of equipment, materials, and resources for conducting hands-on experiments and learning activities and are designed to be accessible and engaging for students from year 7 -12. They can be used to supplement classroom instruction or to support independent learning and exploration. The boxes are also intended to help promote the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and other STEM-related skills.

Experiment instructions

What will each box contain?

Each box will contain all the key materials you need to conduct 10 - 15 experiment activities across the topics of environmental science, biology, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, physics, earth science and engineering.

Please note that for some activities that require materials with a limited shelf life, we request that you source your own materials, as we cannot post them. We assure you that the activities have been chosen with easily sourced household items in mind.

The digital instructions for the experiments will be available to download and view on this site in July. 

When will you receive your STEM box?

We aim to post the boxes to you in early July so you have enough time to prepare your activities for the National Science Week 12th –  20th August 2023.

Who will be eligible to receive a box?

You need to be teaching high school, years 7-12.

How many boxes can you order?

1 box per teacher

Note: the request for extra boxes will be considered for schools in Rural/Regional/Remote areas, all-girls’ schools and schools situated in low-SES communities. Please notify us via email at after you completed the registration so your order can be updated manually from our end if it’s approved.

What happens after you register?

There is nothing required from your side, the boxes will be given on a first-come, first-served basis so your order will be accepted automatically after your registration unless otherwise we contact you.

You will be notified by email on further updates.

 STEM Boxes competition

To help you encourage your students to participate, we will award a prize to the best participating class (es)!

To participate in this competition, you need to send us either a video or photos of your students conducting the experiments (PDF or Word or PowerPoint Presentation slides or MP4), one submission per class. Share them with us at before 20th August 2023

In your submission, we would love to see:
1. How many experiments have been conducted.
2. How many students have been involved.
3. How much your students have enjoyed them.


1. The winning class will be awarded a prize. 
2. Each student will be awarded a certificate.