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Are you keen to start meeting new people before you start your program at ANU?
Connect with them through our online Whatsapp & WeChat groups for students commencing in 2024.

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1 Feb 2024 | 9am - 29 Dec 2024 | 9am
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Do you hold an offer to study at the ANU College of Science?

Register for one of our monthly online drop-in sessions

Join our WeChat and WhatsApp groups for commencing students.

Meet other students who will start at ANU with you, get to know your future classmates and speak to our friendly student ambassadors, who are currently studying at ANU. Ask for advice on getting started, tips to plan your studies, commencing in-person & remotely at ANU and any other questions you might have.

How and when should I join these groups?

Please send us an email to stating your full name, program name and ANU Student Identification (ID) number. Your ANU ID number will be on your ANU offer letter. 

Please state your preference for the platform you would like to be added to: WhatsApp or WeChat

We will verify your details and add you to the group. Please note, you can join the group at any time after you have received your offer.

Do I need to have accepted my offer to be a part of this group? 

Regardless of whether you have accepted your offer or if you are in the process of choosing between options that you may have, we would like to offer you this opportunity to interact with our staff or students to make an informed decision about your future at the #1 University in Australia for Natural Sciences (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024)

I'm an international student, what other information is available?

Information about applying to ANU, as well as information about Canberra, accommodation, visa requirements and other useful information is available on our international students page.

Disclaimer - these groups will be monitored. Group members cannot circulate messages that are illegal, dangerous to national security, violate IT laws or are objectionable. We will not tolerate such content and are not responsible for it. If you join our group, it means you are willing to share your contact details such as your phone number, name, profile details in public and any other member of the group can message or call you through the same channel. If you have any privacy concerns you can immediately opt out the group or do not join this group. If you are sharing, posting, accepting or clicking on a link in the group, you alone will be fully responsible for the post you shared or posted. Anything shared or posted in the group will be open to all group members and can be shared by the group members and admin with other groups and people in public without your permission therefore do not post anything if you have any kind of privacy concerns. We maintain the right to remove any group member at any time without any intimation or reason.


Whatsapp or WeChat (online)

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