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Studying science at ANU is a lifetime experience. Find out why directly from our students.

Career story

Super-physics to super computing

Stuart is always a step ahead. Much of the success that I’ve had stems from what I learnt, and the invaluable experiences that I had, at ANU.

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How to student: Science week

The most exciting week of the year for science students is undoubtedly National Science Week.

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How to student: libraries

The ANU has several libraries, but my favourite would have to be the Hancock Library.

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How to student: food

While there’s plenty of information out there about eating healthily, I’m finding the challenge for me is more about eating timely.

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How to student: settling in

I’m a hermit by nature so making friends in my first week was tricky, but much easier than high school had been. It helps that the people here in uni don’t mind if you’re a little dorky. Don’t believe me? Here’s the conversation that lead to me gaining my first friend.

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Chaos & Order

My research centres on the behaviour of the prime numbers. This is a really exciting area of maths where chaos and order seem to get along with each other quite well.

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The alluring sophistication of mathematics

Third year student An Ran Chen isn’t afraid to spread her wings to discover new things. After moving from New Zealand to study mathematics at ANU, An Ran has explored philosophy and anthropology and gone on exchange to Budapest.

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Understand the issues to change the system

Dr Walter Reinhardt’s PhD at ANU helped him to see that an expertise in systems and sectors is critical when it comes to climate change adaptation. Now he is applying the expertise developed during his studies at ANU.