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Universities are key to meeting our climate change challenge

Australia's bushfires are the canary in the coal mine when it comes to climate change, writes Brian Schmidt. Here's how universities can act.

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14 Aug 2018

What to expect if you’re on holiday in Bali and there’s an earthquake

Many of us stare in the face of such disaster, and feel helpless. Learning what actually happens during an earthquake could help you feel better prepared.

13 Aug 2018

Trees are made of human breath

Outside my office window, two skilled workers complete a hard and dirty job. They’re cutting the felled trunk of a tree into small enough pieces to be thrown in

13 Aug 2018

Two types of tectonic plate activity create earthquake and tsunami risk on Lombok

Several large earthquakes have struck the Indonesian island of Lombok in the past week, with the largest quake killing at least 98 people

23 Jul 2018

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing scissors are less accurate than we thought, but there are fixes

CRISPR gene editing technology is revolutionising medicine and biology. This technique allows scientists to edit DNA with more precision and greater ease

10 Jul 2018

Smart city planning can preserve old trees and the wildlife that needs them

Australia’s landscapes are dotted with mature eucalypts but they’re rapidly becoming collateral damage from population growth.

6 Jul 2018

Three charts on: why rates of mental illness aren't going down despite higher spending

Australian governments have increased their spending on mental health over the last few decades. But the rate of mental illness isn’t going down.

2 Jul 2018

Getting a heart check early can prevent heart attack and stroke in Indigenous Australians

New findings published today in the Medical Journal of Australia show room for improvement in heart health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

1 Jul 2018

You probably missed the latest national environmental-economic accounts – but why?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the Australian Environmental-Economic Accounts on June 15.

27 Jun 2018

A hidden toll: Australia’s cats kill almost 650 million reptiles a year

Cats take a hefty toll on Australia’s reptiles – killing an estimated 649 million of them every year, including threatened species.

18 Jun 2018

Australia relies on volunteers to monitor its endangered species

The King Island Scrubtit and the King Island Brown Thornbill are considered the first and third most likely birds to go extinct in the next 20 years.