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Australia is the runaway global leader in building new renewable energy

In Australia, renewable energy is growing at a per capita rate ten times faster than the world average.

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13 Jun 2018

The flu vaccine is being oversold – it’s not that effective

Findings from three important Cochrane reviews on the effectiveness of the influenza vaccination aren’t consistent with the advice we’re been given.

12 Jun 2018

Life in a herd – and why in health watching symptoms is easy, but finding causes is hard

With a rollicking story to set the scene, this piece explores the notion of population health – what is it, and why does it even matter?

29 May 2018

Stars for sale, but no, you can’t really buy an official star name to remember someone

About once a week, I’m the one to gently explain that the star name bought to honour someone's memory is not officially recognised.

23 May 2018

Brian Cox is a world record-holding ‘rockstar scientist’. Here’s why

The phrase “sold out stadium shows” is not often synonymous with science. Unless of course you are Professor Brian Cox.

21 May 2018

Shifting urbanisation onto a sustainable path

While urbanisation presents a number of opportunities, it also poses a number of complex challenges.

11 Apr 2018

A new wave of rock removal could spell disaster for farmland wildlife

A loophole in the law could spell disaster for threatened species that rely on bush rock.

6 Apr 2018

Why we are measuring the health of Australian vegetation poorly

Decision-makers need to be more aware of the role of disturbances in degrading ecosystems.

23 Mar 2018

The Murray-Darling Basin and Australia’s water future

Associate Professor Jamie Pittock explains why effective management of the Murray-Darling Basin is essential for Australia’s water future.

23 Mar 2018

Future-proofing Canberra’s treescapes

Canberra's living infrastructure will need to adapt with the city's growing population, writes Professor Peter Kanowski.

29 Aug 2017

Science is important but moves too fast: five charts on how Australians view science and scientists

90% of Australians feel science has made life easier. But we're a complex nation when it comes to the finer details of how we view science and scientists.