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Renewable energy to future-proof global trade

The ANU Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific project will provide a blueprint for how Australia can become the region's renewable energy powerhouse.

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News | 28 Aug 2019

Wind mystery inside gas giant Saturn begins to unravel

A new study argues that Saturn's interior flows like honey due to its magnetic field.

News | 2 Aug 2019

Astronomers find traces of one of the first stars

Astronomers have found the ghostly remains of one of the Universe's first stars inside a rare, ancient star far, far away on the other side of our galaxy.

Research story | 22 Jul 2019

Could you survive a trip to Mars?

At a recent public lecture, Dr Emma Tucker posed a question to the audience: who would like to travel to space?

Student profile | 19 Jul 2019

Dawn of a new era for PhD grad – now featuring twice as many suns

Rajika Kuruwita is an astronomer. Her PhD is on a subject which very much exists IRL but is actually best known from fiction, so that’s where she always starts.

News | 19 Feb 2019

Taking astronomy on tour

A team from ANU has toured regional centres to inspire school students about the possibilities of their futures in astronomy.

Student profile | 13 Dec 2018

Shoot for the stars

Tegan Clark travelled 2,500 kilometres to start university, but for someone who spends her nights staring up at the stars, that hardly seems any distance at all

Analysis and opinion | 29 May 2018

Stars for sale, but no, you can’t really buy an official star name to remember someone

About once a week, I’m the one to gently explain that the star name bought to honour someone's memory is not officially recognised.

Analysis and opinion | 23 May 2018

Brian Cox is a world record-holding ‘rockstar scientist’. Here’s why

The phrase “sold out stadium shows” is not often synonymous with science. Unless of course you are Professor Brian Cox.

Research story | 17 Apr 2018

Telescopic view on history

“We saw the light from a fireball blasting out from the neutron star collision.”

News | 27 Feb 2018

New research sheds light on Milky Way’s turbulent past

Stars in our galaxy are likely to have been part of the Milky Way before being pulled away by an invading satellite galaxy, a study involving ANU has found.

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