Seeing the forest from the trees helps scientists predict bushfire threats from space

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Monday, 31 Jul 2023

ANU scientists are revolutionising how we prepare for future cataclysmic climate events by developing new satellite technology to predict bushfire risks.

Measuring the dryness of a eucalypt forest and the amount of fuel load it contains across the entire Australian continent is crucial for fire prevention.

When launched, the new satellite will highlight vulnerable areas of forest, allowing for bushfire management resources to be allocated more effectively to help manage breakouts.

“It never crossed my mind that when I started my engineering career, I would end up being part of a satellite mission,” says OzFuel researcher Dr Nicolas Younes Cardenas. “It’s essentially a dream come true.”

Go behind the scenes and see how researchers are collecting data from eucalypt forests, to help build new satellite detection technology that is calibrated to Australia’s unique environment.

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